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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
W-620-SWF-1/2 Global Industrial Hamilton Casters Not Provided Swivel-Eaz ® Flat 6x2 1/2" Ball Bearing
W-820-SWF-1/2 Global Industrial Hamilton Casters Not Provided Swivel-Eaz ® Flat 8x2 1/2" Ball Bearing
00026N Global Industrial Marathon Industries Not Provided Marathon 2.80/2.50-4 (Narrow) Centipede Flat Free 3" Centered 1/2" Ball Bearings
00083 Global Industrial Marathon Industries Not Provided Marathon 3.50/2.50-8 Flat Free, Ribbed Tread, 3" Centered, 3/4" Ball Bearings
00065 Global Industrial Marathon Industries Not Provided Marathon 4.80/4.00-8 Flat Free, Ribbed Tread, 3" Centered, 5/8" Ball Bearings
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  • Classification and Characteristics of Rolling Bearings
    , linear. Thrust ball bearing. Thrust roller bearing. A-99. roller bearings and linear flat roller bearings).Types of. Fig. G. Fig. H. rolling bearings are given in Fig. 1.2. Fig. 1.1 Rolling bearing. 201 Brighton Avenue • Boston, MA 02134 • Ph: 800.225.4587 • Fx: 800.252.1996 •
  • Tribometer Lifetime Study of Wheel Bearings
    and outer. The pin-on-disk Tribometer has proved ideal for investigating the. casings (see Fig. 2) and the complete ‘sandwich’ is supported in a. evolution of friction and wear in a wide range of typical bearings as. modified support shaft. A flat pin is used to apply the static 50 N load. a function
  • How to Use Ball Slides
    (not shown). Combine two or more ball slides on a flat plate, add a top plate and you have a complete linear. stage with whatever width required. Add a bracket to the top plate, add end supports, a lead screw and handle for a complete linear. stage that is driven by hand. Or, add a micrometer drive
  • Ball screw basics
    -- eliminating backlash. Preload also defines the contact between balls and races. But what are the differences, and how should one make the choice between the various methods? Balls running between flat surfaces have small contact patches with each other and cannot transmit high loads. Thus ball
  • Servicing Crankcase section-Ball Bearing Models
    from the pump. 8. Remove the other bearing cover with crankshaft seal and bearing race. NOTE: On 60PFR the race will remain with the inner bearing cover. 9. Drive or press tapered roller bearings off shaft. 10. Pound bearing cover on a flat surface to loosen the bearing race. Remove the tapered
  • Throwing it in reverse with rolling-ring bearings
    the bearings a contoured, central ridge running around the entire inner race. Ball bearings have perfectly smooth, flat inner races. When mounted on a shaft, standard ball bearings reduce friction in the hub of rotating assemblies, such as a wheel. Shaft-to-ring contact is across the full surface of its inner
  • 5 Linear Bearing Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making
    that is not flat or rigid, or the rails and/or bearings are not aligned correctly. Symptom: The linear bearing system will bind in certain areas of travel or on certain areas of the rails. Solution: If the tolerances cannot be improved, use bearings that "float" in the direction of the error (again
  • Air Bearing Basics
    Bearing Spindles. Spherical Air Bearings. Air Bearing Bushings. Flat Pad Air Bearings. Air Bearing Products. Linear Air Bearings. Rotary Air Bearings. Air Bearing Spindles. Spherical Air Bearings. Air Bearing Bushings. Flat Pad Air Bearings. Motorized Linear Air Bearing Stages. Motorized Rotary Air
  • Linear Bearings for CNC
    and raceways, have historically been susceptible. the slider (See Figure 1). The U-style rail has a flat raceway. to contamination-related failures and require elaborate. that allows a roller freedom translate in an out relative to. protective measures. Making matters worse, metal chips are. the axial
  • Nearly Frictionless Ball Slide Assemblies Help Keep Eyeglass Frame Tracers On Track
    of travel to a master straight edge, using a gage or indicator mounted on the slide. The mounting surfaces of the ball slide are machined flat and smooth, and parallel to each other and the line of motion. The ball slide assemblies met all of the needs of the application. Anticipated areas

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