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  • Air Powered Dispensing
    regulation and dispense cycle control. Compared to the use of wire solder and solder preforms, dispensing solder paste with air pressure is a relatively simple and much more flexible option. One would think that with only two machine variables needed to control dispensing, air-powered application
  • Advantages of Diesel Air-Cooled Used Generators
    readily available on site. (construction, military, agriculture etc…) 3. Flexible Design: Due to the reliability and simplistic design, air-cooled diesel generators can be used to accommodate a variety of applications. For the most part critical long-run operations such as maritime
  • Technical Handbook: Routing / Installation / Environmental Influences (.pdf)
    or to. avoid the hose contacting surfaces that will cause. the hose damage. It is however, vital that the hose be allowed to. keep its functionality as a “flexible-pipe” and not. be restricted from changing in length when under. pressure. It should also be noted that hoses for high- and. low-pressure
  • Pneumatic Diverter Valve for Automotive Plastic Pellets
    pellets was a production and safety nightmare. Flexible hoses were utilized to convey different grades and colors of pellets from storage bins to an extruder where the pellets were heated and molded into parts for the automotive industry. The hoses took up space on the production floor. Employees
  • Cable Management Systems Do the Robot
    Michael Ruf, manager and deputy general manager, Trans Nova RUF. "Whether food / non-food areas, medical or pharmaceutical engineering, [we] offer flexible packaging solutions for any industry. The company is growing in double digits every year.". To increase the performance of its robots
  • Offshore
    Manufacturer is the world leader in the design and the manufacturing of OFFSHORE flexible pipes for hydrocarbons. These flexible hoses are realized in a succession made of layers of plastic and steel. Due to the gas permeability of the plastic sheaths, air valves are organized on every tip
  • Medical Device Link .
    connectors are also supplied, as well as catheter mounts. The company can produce made-to-measure tubing according to customer specifications. Portex Ltd., Hythe, Kent, UK. Flexible thermoplastics. A manufacturer of flexible thermoplastic and thermoset tubing and hose provides unreinforced tubing
  • Medical Device Link .
    for the assembly, soldering, and crimp processes ensure short delivery times. The company is certified to ISO 9001. Ernst & Engbring GmbH & Co. KG Transmission cables and flexible tubing Air-spaced PTFE is used for the. EMDM May 2004 - Spotlight. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online