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  • Sensing without wires
    . A wireless sensor mounted directly to the flywheel eliminates the problem, transmitting its result to the monitoring electronics. Wireless sensors go in hard-to-reach locationsand eliminate the frustration of cable-failures caused by strain. On the manufacturing floor it reduces a sea of cables to a small
  • Designs on the Winner's Circle
    system until is has determined the engine is below the rpm limit, so there is a period when the car is essentially without power. " The rev limiter figures engine speed by measuring intervals as four teeth on a flywheel pass a block-mounted sensor. It also contains a data logger that IRL officials can
  • Solving Problems with Torsionally Stiff Couplings
    . MICHIGAN CUSTOM MACHINES, NOVI, MI ( Engineer: Brian Nugent. "Michigan Custom Machines builds end of line functional test machines, primarily for the diesel and automotive industries. This particular application required a 400 lb flywheel to mimic
  • Angular Acceleration and Moment of Inertia in Machine Design
    will use the angular acceleration we found above to calculate torque on a flywheel with a 1 meter radius and 1000 kg mass. As we can see, if a flywheel with a 1 meter radius and 1000 kg mass were to be accelerated to 60 RPM in one second, it would require 3141.59 Newton meters of input torque. I
  • Measuring The Magic of Turbulent - Flow Mold Cooling
    of metal with a. very slow temperature response. Think of it as a big. thermal flywheel. Any “normal” heat exchanger has. certain performance characteristics related to inlet. and outlet conditions for both fluids. The heat-. transfer performance of a mold is revealed by. plotting steel temperature
  • MCM : A New Technology in Predictive Maintenance
    mm. Dynamic eccentricity, on the other hand, is created by mounting a weight to a flywheel connected to the rotor. IV-Results Of Experiments. MCM has been tested exhaustively under laboratory conditions. The experiments presented in this section demonstrate the ability of MCM in detecting electrical
  • Measurement And Analysis Of Torsional Vibration
    , the readings are taken from large Diesel engine flywheel starting gear due to the "big " diameter? The signal was acquired from permanently instaled magnetic probe used for RPM tacho .... Reply. 1448 days ago Arkadiy. We are going to repower a Tug boat and looking for Torsional Vibration Analysis for new

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