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  • Measuring Tire Tread Depth and Runout
    to 100% tire inspection for defects and abnormalities. Defects not only cause potential safety issues but they can also introduce unwanted vibration into the vehicle suspension system. To avoid this, manufacturers are interested in determining tire runout, tread depth, tread evenness and overall
  • Riding herd on runout
    runout is 0.0005 ". Regular inspection with gage bars helps identify potential spindle problems, and can reduce downtime and spindle repairs. Even the best collet chuck cannot deliver superior performance in an old or worn spindle. Shops should check their spindles regularly for runout using
  • Better inspection: Less Scrap
    Smart laser sensors spy tiny defects in tires before they roll off the assembly line. Smart laser sensors are used in tire production to monitor such metrics as thickness profile, splice width, radial runout, and sidewall integrity. A change in surface height DZ causes the imaged spot to shift
  • Using tool presetters for inspection
    less money. It reground tools. Advanced software can. is important to think of a tool presetter even allow you to compare what you. as an inspection device too. see to saved images so the operator has a. How often do you measure tool standard of what is acceptable. runout? Runout wil decrease tool
  • Tier 1 Automotive Supplier Standardizes on MTII's Capacitance Systems for In-Process Inspection of Shafts and Spindles
    be transferred through the bearing system creating unwanted noise, vibration and premature failure. Unfortunately, tool wear, improper feed rates and grinding wheel runout can lead to a poor surface finish. One commonly found defect in the grinding process is called chatter. It is a series of microscopic
  • Capacitance Sensor System: How a Small Electric Field Can Save You Big Money
    thickness, brake disk thickness/run-out, and tire run-out and bulging. They are also used in a variety of process control systems and applications, providing automated thickness inspection, vibration analysis, run-out analysis, precision lens alignment and focusing, bearing defect analysis and thread
  • Brake Rotor Analysis Using Non-Contact Measurement Sensor
    MTI's Accumeasure 9000 capacitance sensors provide the ideal measurement solution for brake rotor thickness, wear, runout and coning. Today's automobile braking systems are becoming more complex each year. Manufacturers are striving to provide improved braking force and performance in smaller
  • Digital Dislocation of Rotationally Symmetrical Parts (.doc)
    Gear shafts with plug-in toothing, bevel gears with hypoid teeth and similar axial components can sometimes warp during manufacture. Therefore, an inspection of the run-out is required, whereby the workpiece is adjusted if necessary. For this to be possible, the extent of the "ovality