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Parts by Number for Frequency Divider Ic Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SN74LS294N PLC Radwell Texas Instruments Semi Not Provided LOGIC - DIVIDER IC; LOGIC TYPE:FREQUENCY DIVIDER/D
MC1697L ASAP Semiconductor MOTOROLA Not Provided IC, ECL. Fixed-modulus frequency divider.
MC14521BCP ASAP Semiconductor MOTOROLA Not Provided IC, logic. 24-stage frequency divider.
ADF4007BCPZ Digi-Key Analog Devices Inc Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC DIVIDER/PLL SYNTHESZR 20LFCSP
ICS8S73034AMILFT Digi-Key IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC DIVIDER LVPECL 16-SOIC
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    . Moreover, we can also rely on the VCO free-. not been completely defined, some desirable. running noise at 100 kHz frequency offset,. characteristics are as follows: which is better than –100 dBc/Hz [42]. We also. need PLL components (phased detector,. Frequency Range: 5.0-5.5 GHz. dividers) to lock
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    -. Figure 8 · Output power control. ic level control scheme (ALC) by. using an attenuator. Figure 9 · Closed-loop digital ALC. 62. High Frequency Electronics. High Frequency Design. SYNTHESIZER DESIGN. Figure 10 · Synthesizer design trade-offs. Figure 11 · Direct analog synthesizer concept. master
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    Frequency Synthesis,”. phase detectors, DDS, fractional-N. patent pending. dividers, etc. What architecture will. gain in popularity? A quick compari-. Author Information. son between the most popular archi-. Dr. Alexander
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    ) sensor. Oscillators provide a frequency output that is proportional to temperature and are easily integrated into a microcontroller system. RC oscillators offer several advantages in precision sensing applications. Oscillators do not require an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC). The accuracy
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    . 1E-2. 1E-1. 1E+ 0 1E+ 1. 1E+ 2 1E+ 3. Frequency ( MHz). Log Frequency. Fig 7. Fig 5. Voltage across a load is measured both with (VC) and without. a Filter inserted, (V. 2.4 Filter. Classes. B). With the Filter inserted, the circuit is one of a voltage divider. Capacitors and Inductors may be combined