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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MCP3909 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided The MCP3909 is an energy measurement IC supporting the IEC 62053 international energy metering specification. The output of the device includes a frequency proportional to the average active (real) power at the inputs as well as a simultaneous serial SPI interface to access the ADC channels...
ICS2402MT Digi-Key IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC MULTIPLIER/ZD BUFFER 8-SOIC
ICS511MIT Digi-Key IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC PLL CLOCK MULTIPLIER 8-SOIC
ICS601R-25 Digi-Key IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC CLOCK MULTIPLIER 1:5 20-SSOP
SI5325B-C-GM Digi-Key Silicon Laboratories Inc Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC UP-PROG CLK MULTIPLIER 36-QFN
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  • Programmable Crystal Oscillators with Sub-ps Jitter and Multiple Frequency Capability
    product mix and associated. complex quartz processing. A Frequency-Programmable Architecture For Low Jitter Clock Generation. Over the past few years, advances in fine line CMOS process technology have. enabled IC designers to develop high-frequency PLL technology for use as frequency. agile clock
  • Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer-Part 1: Getting Started (.pdf)
    -. Figure 8 · Output power control. ic level control scheme (ALC) by. using an attenuator. Figure 9 · Closed-loop digital ALC. 62. High Frequency Electronics. High Frequency Design. SYNTHESIZER DESIGN. Figure 10 · Synthesizer design trade-offs. Figure 11 · Direct analog synthesizer concept. master
  • Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer-Part 5: Advanced Techniques (.pdf)
    This series concludes with notes on advanced design options and features for greater functionality, with descriptions of their implementation in test and measurement products. Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer Part 5: Advanced Techniques High Frequency Design. From September 2008
  • Understanding In-Line RF Power Measurements
    Accurate energy demands on rf generating equipment for semiconductor processing continue to grow. As IC geometries shrink, so do process parameter tolerances. The actual amount, frequency spectrum and time duration of rf energy applied to a process has become increasingly critical to process
  • A New Breed of VXIbus Microwave Signal Generator Architecture (.pdf)
    . I. O. typically employ a number of crys-. Amp. INPUT. tal oscillators, frequency multipliers/. C. 2-20 GHz, 1 Hz Step. Pulse Mod. mixers, filters, and switches to affect. Kernel Synth. Step Atten. the frequency synthesis function. Using. Det. AM. ALC. this technique, it is possible to generate. INPUT
  • Brush-DC Servomotor Implementation using PIC17C756A
    . INTRODUCTION. One of the three available pulse-width modulation. This application note demonstrates the use of a. (PWM) modules on the MCU is used to generate the. PIC17C756A microcontroller (MCU) in a brush-DC ser-. motor drive signal. The PWM frequency is 32.2 kHz at. vomotor application. The PIC17CXXX
  • Simplify Timing Architectures with Flexible Clocks
    Due to the wide diversity of frequency and jitter requirements of the reference clocks required in modern electronic systems, an assortment of standalone crystal oscillators and fixed-frequency clock multiplier ICs are typically required to provide a complete timing architecture for both the data
  • Measure Tilt Using PIC16F84A & ADXL202
    for special processes or fabs. As shown. movement due to acceleration forces. Both the mass. in Figure 2, normal IC processes take place by apply-. and the substrate have plates that form a differential. ing layers of oxide and polysilicon. Then using IC pho-. capacitor where the fixed plates

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