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    Signal Generators - (380 companies)
    ...and amplitudes with the necessary modulation for testing or measuring circuits. It is important that the amplitude of the signal generated by the signal generator be correct. In many signal generators, output meters are included in the equipment... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    IC Signal Generators - (42 companies)
    ...function generators, an IC waveform generator, arbitrary waveform generator, signal generator, and a sweep function generator. An IC function generator is a versatile device that delivers a choice of different waveforms like sine, square, or triangle... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Oscillators - (564 companies)
    Oscillators are devices that are used to generate repetitive signals. They produce output signals without an input signal. There are two major types of electronic oscillators: harmonic oscillators and relaxation oscillators. Harmonic oscillators produce sine wave outputs. Relaxation oscillators produce non-sine wave outputs such as square wave, rectangular wave, and sawtooth outputs. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    IC Timers - (83 companies)
    ...generator for this purpose. Other IC timers are commonly available. How Do IC Timers Function?. There are several ways in which IC timers function. IC timers or electronic timers work on the principle of elapsed time and real time. Elapsed and real... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    IC Modems - (45 companies) and "lights out" operations, applications demanding reliability. Other types of IC modems are commonly available. How do IC Modems Function?. There are several ways in which IC modems function. All IC modems require a mu-controller. IC modems... Learn More
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    IC Clocks - (106 companies)
    ...information from a disk drive, or to maintain timing relationships between processor elements that operate at faster speeds than external signals. Silicon Labs Clock Generator for ClockBuilder Utility. Video Credit: Silicon Labs. Applications. IC clocks... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pulse Generators - (93 companies)
    ...can be used as a stimulus or clock signal. For example, pulse generators that work as digital delay generators can be used to drive lasers, modulators, or optical components. Pulse generator outputs can also produce the modulation signal for a signal... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    IC Interfaces - (511 companies)
    ...and ZigBee or IEEE 802.15.4. Bluetooth chips also provide wireless connectivity in solution-on-chip (SoC) platforms that power short-range radio communication applications. Wireless IC interfaces are also described as using 3G or 4G technologies. 3G... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    IC Electronic Filters - (184 companies)
    ...on the sampled input signal in order to produce the required filtering function. Passive filters consist of passive electronic components such as resistors and capacitors, and do not produce any amplification of the input signal. SAW filters are IC electronic... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Generator Heads and Alternators - (34 companies)
    Generator heads and alternators turn rotational mechanical energy into electrical power through electromagnetic induction. Alternators and generator heads produce electricity via electromagnetic induction. AC current is output from the alternator... Search by Specification | Learn More

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  • Low budget advanced undergraduate experiments and associated instruments
    The construction of signal generators is greatly simplified by the use of wave- function generator ICs such as Intersil's 8038 .
  • Manual electrical engineering
    A function generator is sought that must generate all these signal voltages, integrated building elements can become as used for the example of the IC 8038 or the XR 2206.
  • Function Generator Electronic Circuits
    Function Generator (Andy Collinson) -  A function generator using the ICL8038 integrated circuit. Function Generator Circuit -  Built around a single 8038 waveform generator IC , this circuit produces sine, square or triangle waves from 20Hz to 200kHz in four switched ranges.
  • Digital and Analogue Instrumentation: testing and measurement
    Most of the inexpensive (less than $50) function generators or generator kits in mail order catalogues are based on single chip function generators such as the Intersil 8038 , which provides sine, square and triangle outputs. Another such waveform generator IC is the MAX 038 from Maxim Integrated products. A second frequency control input used primarily as a VCO input (in phase locked loop applications) provides …
  • Practical Electronics for Inventors, Third Edition > Oscillators and Timers
    Besides the 555 timer IC , there are a number of other voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) on the … For example, the NE566 function generator is a very stable, easy-to- use triangular-wave and squarewave generator. Other VCOs, such as the 8038 and the XR2206, can create a trio of output waveforms, including …
  • Electronic simulator of panting manoeuvre signals generated in whole-body plethysmography
    A flow output, used when simulating sGaw signals, is obtained with switch S in posi- tions Q … The output of the reference phase shift network is taken to the amplifier via an inverter with the switch in position Q and via a diode function generator with the switch in position DQ. The 2Hz sinusoidal oscillator is built around waveform generator IC ~ (ICL 8038 ).
  • Frequency responses of systems computer-interfaced experimentation
    As previously indicated, to bias the vc'o to its lowest operational frequency, a voltage of the order of +vC,is required at pin 8 of the 8038 waveform . generator IC . … the 8038 is not inter- nally buffered, a non-inverting buffer amplifier was used to give a … The"~l.Sf'drWC/fw The biisic function of the response detector (figure 2h) is to derive a …
  • 25 microchips that shook the world
    … 26-year-old engineer named Robert Widlar designed the first monolithic op-amp IC , the μA702, at … The chip, a generator of sine, square, triangular, sawtooth, and pulse waveforms, was indeed a bit temperamental. But engineers soon learned how to use the chip reliably, and the 8038 became a major hit, eventually selling into the hundreds of millions and finding its way into countless applications—like the famed Moog music synthesizers and the “blue boxes” that “phreakers” … … in 2002, but hobbyists still seek it today to make things like homemade function genera- tors and …
  • A hygrometer comprising a porous silicon humidity sensor with phase-detection electronics
    … where both the capacitance and the resis- tance of the PS layer are functions of ambient humidity. … signal of 5 V and 1 KHz has been generated from the signal generator as shown in … This signal generator is identical to a commercially available signal generator IC like, ICL 8038 . … wave by a sine to square wave converter as indicated in Fig. 2 using a comparator (like …
  • 1980 Index IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits Vol. SC-15
    802 6-290 Fryers, A. J., see Saul, Peter H.; J-SC Dec 801033-1039 Frrjink~ Hmmu, Koji Nakamae, and Katsumi Ura; Function testing of bipolar IC ’S and LSf’s with the stroboscopic scanning electron microscope; J-SC Apr 8017’7-183 Fujishinq 8038 -43 Fnng, Fergrrs K., see Lenahap, John J,; J-SCFeZr8097- clock generator ; Jr-SC Ott 80881-886 Gary, Pauf A., and Robert W. Owen; Foreword—Special issue on … ~ GM@ Btsrkhard; An 8% EEPROM using the SINfOSstorage cell; J-SC .

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