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  • Featured Application: Marking Painted Stainless Steel Bottles
    WinMark Pro laser marking software. The Flyer head was equipped with a 125 mm focal length lens that provided a 180 um (0.007 ") spot size. This small spot size was required to mark the fine detail in the company logo. A 25W Synrad laser was used to ablate the black paint on this bottle, exposing
  • Advantages of Electric Clutches When Driving Components Off a Gas or Diesel Engine
    , and cost savings on gas and diesel engines. Magazine Editorials - Ogura Industrial Corp. "What You Need in a Clutch" Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes. Home. About. Profile. Video Segments. Other Ogura Companies. What's New. Latest News. Magazine Editorials. Recent Press Releases. Ogura Quarterly
  • Medical Device Link .
    cards, nonporous pouches, liquid-filled bottles and rigid, nonporous medical devices. Combining the sensitivity of pressure- or vacuum-decay leak testing with the simplicity of sealed fixtures, the test system can detect holes as small as 5 um. The highly sensitive detection method, based
  • Advances in Powder Processing Technologies for Chemical, Food and Mineral Applications
    Powder producers in chemical, mineral and pharmaceutical markets are exploring new processing methods to isolate smaller average particle sizes and tighter overall particle size distributions. Consumer demand for higher quality end products is driving these producers to explore new technologies
  • Medical Device Link .
    and time-consuming. The gas/air mixture must be closely monitored and adjusted to ensure any measure of consistency. In addition, the obvious hazard of working near an open flame is compounded by the risk of potentially noxious or toxic gases that could be emitted by the material being treated if it is overheated
  • A systematic approach to particle counting
    Keep an eye on contamination to ensure long life and peak performance. One important factor in ensuring reliable performance of hydraulic and lubrication systems is monitoring the amount of solid contamination in the fluid. Particle concentration (number and size of solid contaminants in a defined
  • Medical Device Link .
    when injected into the cavity. The result is hollow parts that are light and relatively inexpensive to make. Designers can use gas-assist molding to create thin-walled parts. Such parts can be molded with low clamp tonnage, which reduces both tooling cost and required injection molding machine size
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    attractive to device companies, " says company president and CEO Tom Brackett. Other benefits of this technology include a size reduction in the unit and the capability to use smaller reagent and sample volumes. "By doing away with components such as tubing and fittings and locating flow paths inside

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