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  • How to Choose a Control Valve
    in mind, valve sizing is not an exact science, but is the result of making the best selection from available options. Characterized “V” Ball valves provide the high precision throttling and rangeability needed for liquid and gas control ap-. plications, where a streamlined flow passage allows
  • Worcester Controls Corp. Eliminates Galling and Boosts Ball Valve Life 50% With Mirror-Smooth Coating
    that an improved coating had to be found at once. Worcester Controls Corp. Eliminates Galling and Boosts Ball Valve Life 50% With Mirror-Smooth Coating, General Magnaplate. Select your Region... Home. Coatings. Canadize. Dynaloy. Goldenedge. Hi-T-Lube. Lectrofluor. Magnadize. Magnagold. Magnaplate
  • Using a dataTaker DT80 to Control a Hydraulic Valve
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  • Kofloc Pressure Regulating Valve
    Valves. Gas mixture device. Product related to flow quantity. Guide to selection of Kofloc mass flow controller / meter. Principle of Mass Flow Instruments. Principle of Variable Flow Meter(Rotameter). Principle of Flow Control Valve. Principle of Pressure regulating valve. Kofloc Pressure regulating
  • New Generation of Premix Gas Blowers (.pdf)
    kW). gas). Applications include residential and. The general “rule of thumb” for. commercial gas furnaces, humidifiers,. the combustion air requirement for an. water heaters, gas-fired food service. air and natural gas (methane) mixture is. equipment, and hydrogen fuel cells. a volumetric ratio
  • Coker Valve Monitoring in a Refinery
    12, 2012. Application: Oil and Gas. Manufacturer: Delphin Technology. Measurements: Current, Strain, Voltage. Download the PDF version. Delphin TopMessage Modular Data Acquisition System. CAS DataLoggers recently provided the data acquisition and control solution for a large manufacturer of valve
  • General Regulator Information - Common Terms
    . the inlet and outlet is one pound per square inch. A design test pressure which determines the ultimate. When gas is used instead of liquid, the equation is. structural strength of a regulator or valve. Permanent. modified to account for the use of a compressible. deformation and leakage are permitted
  • Injection Valve and Pump Testing in Real-Time
    - Oil & Gas - Oven - Paperless Chart Recorders - Portable - Power and Energy - Pressure - Refrigerator/Freezer - Remote Monitoring - SDI-12 - Serial Interface - Server Room - Shock - Specialty Loggers - Strain / Force - Temperature - Transport - Ultra Low Temp - Universal