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  • Steam Ejector

    Ejectors are mostly used for effecting vacuum. Are ejectors used for pumping liquids? I have come across several get pumps, primarily to act as booster for centrifugal pumps which has suction level beyond 30 feet. But my question is can steam be used in an ejector set-up to pump water? I could p

  • Pump Pre-Start Up Walkthrough

    We are about to startup 3 newly installed pumps. I need to do safety walkthrough to ensure all the safety engineering features of the pumps and around the pumps are ready. Top of my head right now is to check for the following: readiness of the oily water system, readiness of the closed drain system

  • Refurbishment of a Sea Water Booster Pump Rotors

    Dear CR4 Sirs, I have a service I'm subscribing for but has little experience on. The SERVICE DESCRIPTION reads: "The required service is to carry out a complete refurbishment of the pump rotors of the Sea Water Lift Booster Pump (SWLBP). This includes as-received inspection of the pump rotors, clea

  • Steam Tables

    (Metric and US units) This program provides the thermodynamic properties of water using IFC formulation for industrial use. Knowing any two properties, the user is able to completely define the properties of water/steam. Unlike most steam table programs, this program also provides the user with the point''s location on the T-S diagram. Multiple points can be connected by a line, defining the user''s process system. It even gives you the steam quality.

  • Research and Markets: Concise Analysis of the International Metering Pump Market

    DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/sdw642/global_metering) has announced the addition of the "Concise Analysis of the International Metering Pump Market" report to their offering. The increased popularity of digital pumping solutions is a major trend in the Global Metering Pump market. Digital pumps have process controllers and variable speed drives. The advanced digital pumps are capable of detecting flaws in the system such as cavitation

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