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  • Effects of Graphite Type, Purity and Concentration on Grease Performance (.pdf)
    from ASTM D2266 were augmented with graphs of coefficient of friction plotted as a function of time and optical micrographs of four-ball wear scars for each sample tested. Four-Ball Wear testing (D2266) shows that grease performance is a function of graphite type. There is very limited evidence
  • Ball Milling
    by thermal annealing. Essentially the method consists of placing graphite powder (99.8% purity) into a stainless steel container along with four hardened steel balls. The container is purged, and argon is introduced. The milling is carried out at room temperature for up to 150 hours. Following milling
  • History of Carbon Nanotubes -CNTs
    In 1980 we knew of only three forms of carbon, namely diamond, graphite, and amorphous carbon. Today we know there is a whole family of other forms of carbon. The first to be discovered was the hollow, cage-like buckminsterfullerene molecule - also known as the buckyball, or the C60 fullerene
  • Medical Device Link .
    to achieve speeds of 30,000, 42,000, or 60,000 rpm. Designed for automation, the unit is suitable for wet or dry machining and particularly for milling graphite electrodes. A standard workpiece changer is integrated, enabling around-the-clock unmanned operation. A Heidenhain control system offers
  • Bearings take the heat
    had solidified the grease. A graphite-based dry lubricant better tolerated the high temperatures but made bearing balls skid and damage the race. The ball bearing was eventually replaced with a graphitemetal solid bearing and the problem went away. Graphite-metal bearings can survive temperatures
  • Out of the Lab and Onto the Links
    New high-tech clubs and balls are designed to hit golfers' sweet spots Tight Lies ST drivers and fairway woods from Adams Golf feature shafts made of steel and graphite. Spalding's multilayer Strata Tour Ultimate consists of a concentrated tungsten core, high-acid ionomer mantle, and Zythane II
  • Bearing Lubrication - Types, Methods, and Shelf Life
    in extreme situations where an oil or grease cannot survive and are typically selected as a last resort or option. These include harsh environments such as extreme temperatures, vacuum, or radiation. These coatings include graphite, MoS2, silver, gold, or PTFE. Hard coatings include TiC or chrome. Solid
  • Medical Device Link .
    , and Mecatool tooling. A 30,000-rpm spindle increases roughing capability. The model has a 13 x 10 x 10-in. working cube and can precisely machine graphite, copper, and steel. Capable of 600 in./min 3-D contouring feed rates and 1-G accelerations, the Model 12 provides +-0.000075-in. accuracy

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