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  • 9 Tips from OSHA to Help Reduce Silica Hazards
    of a solid product, grinding, mining and molding are common processes that can cause crystalline silica dust to become airborne, creating health hazards for workers. Common industries where silica dust is prevalent include cement and asphalt manufacturing, electronics, foundries, molding, sandblasting
  • AN0016 Micro-sectioning of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
    , and can be damaged around the chip edges during grinding. A suitable sized mould should be used to contain the components, so that each component is a reasonable distance from the edge of section stub. Choice of potting compound is very important. Use of a low price general purpose resin
  • Lead (Pb):In the Metalworking Environment
    or grinding lead containing metals, melting pure lead, molding, soldering, removal or encapsulation of lead and/or lead containing compounds. There have even been cases where lead babbits have fallen into a metal removal fluid sump or system leading to significant buildup of lead content
  • Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Sintered NdFeB Magnets with Improved Impact Toughness
    Sintered NdFeB-type permanent magnets are based on. Nd2Fe14B intermetallic compounds, which are intrinsically. very brittle. Generally, machining techniques are limited to. grinding, lapping, and electric discharge machining EDM. Even grinding and lapping these magnets to the required. dimension
  • High Density, Angled Optical Fiber Array and Method
    signal data when transmitted during use. The opening pattern is preferably 2.times.2 to 128.times.128 or higher. Several alternate lap tool designs are disclosed including translational and rotating laps formed from solid bodies or a series of stacked plates. Standard slurry grinding and polishing
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    will be operated under a slight negative pressure to ensure containment. A Lower Energy Alternative to Hammermills The Model 6.5 Gran-U-Lizer is said to achieve new levels of size reduction uniformity and repeatability on all pharmaceutical dry-grinding applications. Unlike traditional hammermilling
  • Medical Device Link .
    lead to a sudden decline in the manufacturer�s financial health. Medical devices in general need to be free of contaminants to ensure that surface treatment and sterilization processes are not compromised. Metal debris, polishing compounds, grinding fluids, and other contaminants introduced
  • Fume Collection Solutions for Hexavalent Chromium Exposure
    . Dusts can come from grinding or cutting. Fumes can be generated during torch cutting and welding operations. Exposure to hexavalent chromium fumes poses a health risk to humans. To address these risks, OSHA lowered the permissible exposure limit to a concentration level of 5 micrograms per cubic meter

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