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  • Making Sense of High-Temperature Thermoplastics
    the most commonly used. high-temperature thermoplastics, this article. defines these polymers as those having. a heat deflection temperature (HDT). of more than 400°F when reinforced with. 30 percent glass-fiber. (Heat deflection temperature. is the deformation temperature. of an injection-molded
  • Dissipating Static Safely
    Though it is an old problem, the dissipation of static discharge is under intense scrutiny by plastics suppliers. They are now fielding materials better able to keep test equipment out of trouble. Semitron ESd 225, with a heat-deflection temperature of 225 F and a surface resistivity of 10 O/sq
  • Structural Foam
    . A high percentage of physical, mechanical, and electrical properties is maintained at elevated temperatures, within limits defined by the heat-deflection temperatures. The strength and stiffness of PSU and PES are virtually unaffected up to their glass-transition temperature. For example
  • Polyetherimide
    F, and heat-deflection temperature is 392 F at 264 psi, contributing to its high strength and modulus retention for service under load at elevated temperatures. Unmodified polyetherimide is listed by UL as 94V-0 at 0.016 in. and 94-5V at 0.075 in. without the use of additives. Limiting oxygen
  • Liquid-Crystal Polymers
    Liquid-crystal polymers are a unique class of wholly aromatic polyester poly mers that provide previously unavailable high-performance properties. Particularly outstanding is their heat-deflection temperature at 264 psi of 460 to 606°F. Structure of the LCPs consists of densely packed fibrous
  • Rapid-prototyping resin good enough for wind-tunnel tests
    is a ceramic-filled resin that forms highly stiff and dimensionally accurate parts. It has a modulus of 10,000 MPa, a linear shrinkage of under 0.025 mm (0.00098 in.), and a heat-deflection temperature of 279 C (534 F). The dimensions for the scaled model of the M-346 aircraft are 1 x 1 x 0.2 m
  • HVOF Process Control Using Almen and Temperature Measurement (.pdf)
    such as SAE. Infrared temperature measurement monitors temperature of. J442 or AMS S13165. It has been proven that this deflection. the part being coated as a non-contact method. This is. can be related to the amount of residual stress in the part itself. important where increased heat transfer
  • Down-to-earth role for imidized polymers
    has a heat-deflection temperature (at 264 psi) of 392 F. Designers of the B-2 Stealth Bomber or Lunar Lander probably didn't hesitate specifying imidized polymers for their designs. But though these materials are tough and ultralight, some designers see them as too exotic for mainstream uses
  • Thermoplastic Selection
    resistant plastics with high heat deflection temperature. Some grades are flexible and are excellent for tubing that sees higher temperatures and pressures. . POLYURETHANE Polyurethane tubing (TPU) is a flexible, very tough, abrasion and cut resistant plastic. Can be used for tubing and profiles
  • Medical Device Link .
    room-temperature cured, the polyurethane exhibits a 2.3-ft lb/in. notched Izod impact strength, a 194(infinity)F-heat deflection temperature, and a 120,000-psi flexural modulus. RP 6463R polyurethane resin is formulated for rapid production of clear, thermoplastic-like prototypes. After curing