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  • Solar Resistant Optical Fiber and Method
    Solar resistant fused silica optical fiber is made by heating the starter rod, drawing the fiber, and preferably immediately diffusing hydrogen into the fiber, then promptly covering the hydrogen diffused fiber with hermetic coating to trap the hydrogen within the fiber. The presence of hydrogen
  • Corrosion Protection Measures - Corrosion Resistant Paints: Surface Finishing Tutorial
    the general characteristics of corrosion resistant paints used in chemical plants and plating facilities. [Table 1] General Characteristics of Paints. Resin. Type. Main. Appli. cation. Water Resist. ance. Acid Resist. ance. Alkali Resist. ance. Sulfur Dioxide Resist. ance. Solvent Resist. ance. Heat
  • Case History: Plastic Corrosion-Resistant Pumps
    into contact with the chemical agent. The problem was overcome as soon as true information on the liquid was obtained. Fields of application of Savino Barbera pumps. Case histories. Plastic corrosion-resistant pumps. Figure 1 shows a case information regarding the nature of the liquid not communicated
  • Plastic Gear Terminology
    Delrin (Acetal): a lightweight, durable, low wear, low friction, heat resistant plastic. That is excellent for either low quantity machined gears or high quantity injection molded gears.
  • Low Friction, Hard, and Corrosion Resistant (.pdf)
    , and. Corrosion Resistant. JÖRG VETTER. The surface treatments used in the manufacturing. GÉRARD BARBEZAT. of parts for the automotive industry have to meet. SULZER METCO. both functional and decorative requirements. The. functional demands on modern automotive systems. include increased load
  • A Guide to Plastic Gearing
    resistant to many corrosive environments. untitled LNP* Specialty Compounds. A guide to plastic gearing. 2 SABIC Innovative Plastics. Introduction. Plastic gears have positioned themselves as serious alternatives to. traditional metal gears in a wide variety of applications. The use. of plastic
  • Design of Plastic Gears (.pdf)
    . –. 80 - 130. Thermal Expansion. Deformation. %. D 621. 0.5 - 1.0. Water Absorption. Under Load. 24 Hours. %. D-570. .6 - 1.2. 122°F, 2000psi. Saturation. %. D-570. 5.5 - 6.5. Resistant to: Common Solvents, Hydrocarbons, Esters, Ketones, Alkalis, Diluted Acids. Not Resistant to: Phenol
  • Heat Resistant Bonds to Medium and High Surface Energy Substrates - FT A (.pdf)
    Designed for bonding to high surface energy plastics, metals and foam substrates where resistance to plasticizers is required. Microsoft Word - Application Brief FT Ag.doc Specialty Tape. FT A. Adhesion Type Pure Acrylic Based Adhesive. Product Type. Double Coated Film. Application. Designed