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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
RCS/2 Global Industrial Econoco Corp Not Provided Heavy Duty Salesman'S Rack - Collapsible Garment Rack - Round Tubing - Chrome
SHF-01567 Global Industrial Honey Can Do International LLC. Not Provided Heavy Duty Urban Valet Garment Rack 48"L X 18"W X 68"H, Chrome
GAR-01506 Global Industrial Honey Can Do International LLC. Not Provided Heavy-Duty Bottom Shelf Garment Rack , 59-5/16"L X 21"W X 66-3/4"H

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  • Floor Socket, Floor Socket Exporters, Floor Socket Selling Leads from Floor Socket Exporters, Manufacturers & Suppliers on
    Sell DIY Heavy Duty Double Rod Garment Rack ,,AL-XA, Floor To Top Mounted.
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    ...objects used in working or playing games) } { worktable, work_table, table1,@ (a table designed for a particular task) } { workwear, apparel,@ ( heavy - duty clothes for manual or... ...a worm wheel or rack ) } { worm_fence, snake_fence, snake-rail_fence... ...around a person) } { wraparound, garment ,@ ( .
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Different Laundering Approaches for Decontaminating Structural Fire Fighting Protective Clothing
    Mild and heavy duty household detergents (such as Tide| , usually in liquid form), pretreatments, spot removers, and oxygenated bleaches were recommended by some manufacturers and end-users while others suggested use of industrial cleaners and degreasers formulated specially for fire fighter clothing. Recommended specialized equipment for cleaning fire fighter clothing included industrial washing machines, extractors, and drying rack systems. The washing machines and extractors, capable of cleaning, disinfecting, and impregnating garments with water- repellent finishes, were...
  • Grainger Industrial Supply
    •  Coat and Garment Rack  (11 •   Heavy Duty Coat Hook (5 .
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    Stainless Steel Roll/Safety Bars, Heavy Duty Gel Coat Fiberglass Body, Large Capacity Lockable Rear Storage ... Clothes Rack , Garment Rack(HDW-981) .
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