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Parts by Number for High Input Impedance Amplifier Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ISA450   Visual Sound, Inc. Audio Amplifiers and Preamplifiers and repeatable settings. XLR and detachable Euro style input connectors. DataPort V2 for use with DPV2-compatible signal processing accessories (XC-3, SF-3, LF-3) and DSP-3 (with external power supply). Independent defeatable clip limiters for reduced distortion. Selectable high-pass filters that protect...
CX 902   Visual Sound, Inc. Audio Amplifiers and Preamplifiers . With high output power, versatile loading options, high thermal capacity and unmatched reliability, the CX Series is the perfect solution to any permanently installed sound system. PowerWave switch-mode power supply technology for highperformance and compact size. Custom integrated security cover...
CA3260   Techwell, Inc. Amplifier and Comparator Chips of the CA3260. Applications. Ground Referenced Single Supply Amplifiers. Fast Sample-Hold Amplifiers. Long Duration Timers/Monostables. Ideal Interface with Digital CMOS. High Input Impedance Wideband Amplifiers. Voltage Followers (e.g. Follower for Single Supply D/A Converter). Voltage Regulators...
CER1056   a1Components Audio Amplifiers and Preamplifiers CXA-8 High Performance Home Audio Amplifier Stage Performance at Home!The Cerwin-Vega! CXA-Series high performance stereo and bridgeable power amplifiers are for those that want to sound like a pro! These home-use versions of the renowned Cerwin-Vega! Professional series amplifiers. The same...
HA-2520/883   Techwell, Inc. Operational Amplifiers of specifications for slew rate, bandwidth and settling time. This dielectrically isolated amplifier is designed for closed loop gains of 3 or greater without external compensation. In addition, this high performance component also provides low offset current and high input impedance. The 100V/ µs (min...
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  • Programming the HVA Series Precision High Voltage Amplifier
    to observe the polarity of the applied signal. The voltage is always positive because the current limiting circuitry seeks the absolute value of the current and limits the value -- without regard to polarity. The input characteristic is high impedance with a 10M O pulldown to ground. Enable/Disable
  • Operational Amplifiers
    to provide a low impedance. resistive load at higher frequencies. Resistance values can be low—in the 10 to 100 ohm. range while capacitance can typically be between 0.1 µF and 1 µF. 2. Feedback Capacitors: For most high speed amplifiers, a simple feed back capacitor can be employed to eliminate
  • Operational Amplifier Topologies and DC Specifications
    . high pass filter. In this portion of the circuit, gain stages. impedance, infinite common mode rejection, zero noise. are also implemented using programmable gain ampli-. and zero offset voltage (V ) between the terminals. fiers or instrumentation amplifiers whose building. OS. blocks are the op amp
  • AN721: Impedance Matching Networks Applied to RF Power Transistors, Courtesy of Motorola
    Some graphic and numerical methods of impedance matching will be reviewed here. The examples given will refer to high frequency power amplifiers. Although matching networks normally take the form of filters and therefore are also useful to provide frequency discrimination, this aspect will only
  • Sensing Light with a Programmable Gain Amplifier
    . can be used for other sensors or an array of photo sen-. sors without an increase in signal conditioning hardware. or PICmicro® microcontrol er I/O pin consumption. The. multiplexer and high-speed conversion response of the. PGA / Analog-to-Digital (A/D) conversion allows the. photo sensor input
  • Interfacing with UltraVolt High Voltage Power Supplies High Power C Series & High Power 8C-30C Series
    is accomplished with a high-voltage divider resistor set. The scale factor is model dependent and will be either a 100:1 or 1000:1 ratio. The divider resistor set is designed to be properly scaled with a 10M O input-impedance meter connected to the circuit. It is possible to shunt the lower divider
  • Amplifying High-Impedence Sensors ? Photodiode Example
    of a transimped-. V. + I R. = output offset voltage. ance amplifier and a high-impedance source. I. OS. B. F. S repre-. sents the output current of the source. CS is the sum of. the source’s output capacitance and the op amp’s input. Where: capacitance. RF, with the help of the op amp, converts. VOS = op
  • Using Single Supply Operational Amplifiers in Embedded Systems
    of. non-inverting gain circuit. the non-inverting input of an amplifier can be as high as. 1013 Ω for CMOS amplifiers. In addition, the output. The input signal to this circuit is presented to the high. impedance of this amplifier configuration is usually less. impedance, non-inverting input of the op amp

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