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  • General Regulator Information - Common Terms
    . The pressure of the fluid media, gas or liquid to the. controllers are also needed for Air Actuated regulators. supply connection of a regulator or valve. Typical units of. measure are: psig, bar, or kPa. 2. Piston. sensitivity. One type of sensing element. Used in high pressure. The ability
  • Basics of Pressure Regulation
    . ./87c11879-b800-436d-8552-d381ae90647a Basics of Pressure Regulation. Technical Information. DEBUL2008X012. What is a regulator?. A pressure reducing regulator is a device which. reduces a high source pressure (e.g. an inlet pressure. of 3000 psig / 207 bar) to a lower working pressure. loading. (e.g. an outlet
  • Case Study: Filtration Systems Help Meat Packer Maintain High Quality
    pressure. The final filter, a 0.01 micron absolute membrane filter, provides clean, commercially sterile supply of high purity nitrogen. The controls on the nitrogen generator consist of an operating pressure gauge, a flowmeter and flow control valve, an outlet pressure regulator and final gauge. Proper
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Pressure Accessories and Systems
    are developed. 59. Usually the air receiver is the last stop before air is transmitted to the distribution system. Its primary function is to act as a reservoir to accommodate sudden or unusually high. system demands. This allows the compressor to be sized for average, rather than peak,. demand. It also
  • How to Avoid Gas Line Ruptures
    at high speeds or send debris hurtling through the air, posing a great safety risk to bystanders. The escaped gas can pose a threat if it is toxic or otherwise corrosive in nature, and flammable gas may ignite once released from its container and comes into contact with an ignition. How to Avoid Gas
  • Porous Metal Handbook
    . The system generally includes a pressure vessel designed to contain a fluid under high. pressure, a deformable container and arbors (or cores) if tubes or special shapes are. being made. By appropriate choice of pressurizing fluid and containers, the Isostatic. process can be used at elevated temperatures
  • Medical Device Link .
    stations and connected to external control units. The sealer incorporates the company’s technology originally developed for its K1 high-precision ultrasonic plastic welder. Stapla Ultrasonics Corp., 375 Ballardvale St., Wilmington, MA 01876. Precision System Laser Cuts Stents. The StarCut laser
  • Regaining Control of Controls
    The search for cost savings has increased the awareness of the high electrical cost of operating a compressed air system. There are specific rules (not rules of thumb) that govern the performance of a compressed air system. You, or someone you trust, must know the rules to prevent problems
  • Designing for Performance @ AWE (.pdf)
    of just 21 handles R &D, design,. distributing performance manufacturing, and distribution. Products offered at their. upgrades for European vehicles since. web site range from woven stainless steel brake lines and. 1991. Initially the company focused on performance tuning. high-fl ow air fi lters
  • Medical Device Link .
    side is coated with 1 mm of a low-peel, high-shear, removable acrylic adhesive. Adchem, Riverhead, NY, USA. Membrane pump. A miniature membrane pump uses a diaphragm design to achieve a flow rate of 6 L/min, a maximum vacuum of 650 mbar, and a maximum pressure of 1300 mbar. The pump can start

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