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  • New Generation of Premix Gas Blowers (.pdf)
    in the design performances for. accept AC-line voltage (e.g. 120-230V). each motor type. and then convert it to an equivalent high. DC-voltage. The motor coils are wound for. high or low voltage accordingly. The. BLDC motor operates at a high efficiency. (60-85%). The drive electronics monitors
  • Motor Design, Quality and Performance are Critical to Reliable Operation of Fans & Blowers (.pdf)
    , excellent speed stability. All ebm external rotor motors are 100% speed controllable. D = 3Ø motor: high starting torque, very high efficiency,. by voltage reduction or other means and operate at very low. good speed control characteristics. G = DC, brushless motor: highest starting torque, exceptionally
  • DC Motor Engineering Basics
    . .............. ........... ........... ................. ................. 0.28. Medium C .............. ................ 70,000. .............. ........... ........... ................. ................. 0.28. High C .................. ................ 80,000. 45,000. ........... 45,000 ................. ................. 0.28. Aluminum alloy: Structural
  • Medical Device Link . MEDTEC 98 Exhibitor Profiles
    for all open architectures are offered. Produces brushless dc motors, blowers, and controllers. Standard motors ranging from 43 to 133 mm diam with torque outputs up to 10.6 N-m are available. Brushless dc blowers range from 76 to 145 mm diam with maximum flows up to 1900 L/sec and pressures to 53.6
  • An Integrated Fan Speed Control Solution Can Lower System Costs, Reduce Acoustic Noise, Power Consumption and Enhance System Reliability
    Less than six years ago, thermal cooling in the electronics arena was mainly an issue for highperformance, high-end applications, such as, military, aerospace and large-scale industrial and medical applications. Outside these sectors, thermal cooling was just a premature notion. In the short span
  • Medical Device Link .
    orientation Small size No moving parts Cooling below ambient Temperature control Heating capability Compatible with heat sinks, cold plates, and heat pipes Dc power source required Fans and blowers Low cost Installation flexibility Air exchange is required; potential for dust
  • Frameless or Framed Motors ..... Which is right for you?
    assemblies made by ARC Systems are hand inserted to obtain the maximum slot fill for the best output power to size ratio. Vacuum impregnation and potting of coil heads are available. Rare earth magnets are used for brushless dc motors. These type magnets provide high flux in smaller package. Sleeves over
  • Choosing a Fan That Best Fits Your Application
    . Server. Toy Industry. Home Electronics. Company. Overview. Technologies. Press. Minebea Co., Ltd. Minebea Group of Companies. Corporate Responsibility. RoHS. Careers. Contact. Buy Now Fans and Blowers. DC Axial Fans. DC Blowers. AC Axial Fans. AC Weather Resistant. Custom Fan Trays. High Power R

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  • Single-Controllable-Switch-Based Switched Reluctance Motor Drive for Low Cost, Variable-Speed Applications
    ...features, the new drive system offers a viable alternative to conventional fixed-speed brush-commutator motors and variable-speed permanent magnet brushless dc motor drives in many high volume applications in the low... ...categories such as fans, blowers , hand tools, and small...
  • Single-controllable-switch-based switched reluctance motor drive for low-cost variable- speed applications
    ...features, the new drive system offers a viable alternative for conventional fixed speed brush-commutator motors and variable- speed permanent magnet brushless dc motor drives in many high volume applications in the low... ...categories such as fans, blowers , hand tools and home...
  • A 300 Hz TEA CO2 Laser
    A new CO2 laser design for application in the plastic industry was reported in [11]; it consists of three parts: metal chamber 1, modulator 2, and 15 kV DC high -voltage power supply 3. The metal chamber, of volume 160 liters, has three sections: on the right-hand side of the chamber there is a blower with 4500 rpm that produces a gas flow with a 13 m/s gas velocity between the electrodes.
  • A Rolling Process Applied on the Manufacturing of Precision Cold Formed Metal Motor Housings
    This process guarantees a high precision on the inner diameter and can be applied on small and large production volumes . ...the external case of many kind of electrical motor (fig. 1): a wide range of them, mostly used in the Automotive and in the Industrial business, are 12V DC -AC motors used for... ...applications as fans or blowers , starting or moving devices...
  • Integration of Alternative Sources of Energy
    Ac output power (kW) Ac output voltage (V) Dc voltage (V) Temperature of the membrane ( C) Normal... Most of the head of series consist of a low-pressure, high - volume air blower to supply the oxidizer.
  • Integrated auxiliary drives for fuel cell vehicles
    The dc -dc converters dynamic response, allows fast motor drive response while regulating the common dc bus... The integrated motor drive unit was designed for the fuel cell cathode air blower and the water pump for United Technologies 120kW self contained... ...the same auxiliary motors for blower and pump with much higher efficiency and lower cost, weight and volume .
  • ATF CO{sub 2} laser system upgrade to terawatt peak power
    Also for presently envisioned scientific application of the ATF COZ laser system a high repetition rateis not... Reduction ofthe repetition rate to 3-6 ppm helps to reducethe required power of HV DC suppliesto 1kW and to use compact and relatively inexpensive blower , catalytic converter, etc. With such low repetition rate and the discharge volume -8 Z, gas exchange rateat the level of...
  • A New Anisotropic Bonded NdFeB Permanent Magnet and Its Application to a Small DC Motor
    DIRECT current ( dc ) motors employing sintered ferrite magnets (PMs) have, so far, been widely used in au- tomotive applications such as the seat, blower , and sunroof. These days, PM motors are required to have higher efficiency for energy saving, better performance with smaller volume and lighter weight, and even higher power density.