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  • Calibration of Heat Flux Transducers
    These data are obtained using a calibration curve for a homemade meter that is part of the field HFT calibrator [ / ], and EMF = the average heat transfer area weighted emf for all the individual HFT emfs with respect to the projected area...
  • Thermodynamics of the Complexation of Uranium(VI) by oxalate in aqueous solution at 10-70oC
    The electromotive force ( emf ) was measured with an Amel Model 338 pH- meter equipped with an Unitrode Metrohm combination pH electrode (Model 6.0259.100). The experimental data were collected by means of a homemade PC-controlled automatic data acquisition system.
  • Arduino Robotics
    ...9–10 multi-meters, 7–8 resistance, 10–11 voltage, 8–9 oscilloscopes, 12–13 Electro-Motive Force ( EMF ), backwards, 57 electron... ...up Xbee, 315–318 video-enabled, 297 Xbee-enabled, 297–298 Extech MN16a digital multi- meter , 9 extents, customizing... ...206 free-wheeling hub assembly, Battle-bot, 527 frequencies, 33–34 changing PWM, 99–101 homemade PWM example, 35–40...
  • sheets and are easier for non-metric folks to consider than newton- meters and radians per... rpm (at the output shaft of the gearbox, motor back- EMF limits speed to about 23 rpm... Jason's Homemade Optical Encoder.
  • CoCl+ : Unique in all of molten saltdom?
    ...mol pct AlCl3 melt,[3] the voltage rapidly moved in the opposite direction, passing the meter ’s The EMF increases as long as the average complex formed homemade high-temperature optical furnace.
  • A simple watt balance for the absolute determination of mass
    ...of the unit of time, the second, and the unit of length, the metre , will remain essentially... The purpose of this ‘ homemade ’ version is to demystify the watt balance for students and... ...a second watt-balance mode used to determine BL from measurements of voltage ( emf ) induced at the...
    is non-zero and an EMF which is to first order proportional to B is To give the reader some idea of what a homemade flux gate magnetometer system can do let... placement about 1 meter from the magnet center.
  • Technological options for management of hazardous wastes from US Department of Energy facilities
    ...their systems to customers with large wastewater streams, because small systems are usually homemade or specially constructed... ...chemical reduction: storage vessels for the reducing agents and perhaps for the wastes, metering equipment for both... ...metal (often platinum), which is exposed to the reaction medium and produces an emf output that can...
  • Potentiometric Sensor for Determination of Tramadol Hydrochloride in Pharmaceutical Preparations and Biological Fluids millivoltmeter (SR-MUL-3800). pH measurements were made with a digital pH meter (Wissenschaftlich-Technische Werkstatten... was punched from the cast film and mounted on the body of a homemade electrode body. The standard deviation of measuring emf for five replicate measurements was found to be 1.582 for...
  • Microchemistry projected
    Details for constructing the three homemade projectors shown in Fig. 1 are given in TOPS articles~,a. meter emf .
  • Recent Advances in Computer Science and Information Engineering
    Film winding and recorder circuit are fix on the homemade non-magnetic. When the output EMF of induction coil is 0, it means that the rotation γ is –β... Shown as in Fig. 5, the maximum transmission distance is 100 meters with a rate 3Mbps.
  • index.sense (
    ...2 do-gooder%1:18:00:: 08175744 1 0 do-it-yourself%5:00:00: homemade :00 00646983 1... ...0 emetic%1:06:00:: 02800778 1 0 emetrol%1:06:00:: 02800922 1 0 emf %1:19:00... ...exposure%1:23:00:: 11265757 6 0 exposure%1:26:01:: 12023874 5 0 exposure_ meter %1:06:00...
  • Modern Magnetic Resonance
    ...were done with a VARIAN unity 200 MHz (wide bore) equipped with a homemade imaging probe of... ...the laboratory frame at the Larmor frequency and the oscillating flux induces an EMF that can be... ...µl of D2O d4-acetate buffer containing 10 mM CaCl2at a direct pH meter reading of 4...
  • Biosensors and Biodetection
    The performance of a homemade , simple, fluorescence-induced capillary electrophoresis (CE) detector is described here. Emission filter B ( EmF -B) cat # D480/30x (Chroma Tech- nology Corp Rockingham, VT). ...J. M., and Quake, S. R. (2002) A robust and scala- ble microfluidic metering method that allows...
  • Handbook of Epidemiology
    In reviewing a published field instrument (also, in assessing the quality of a home- made form) you should ask the following questions about four types of reliability: test-retest, equivalence, internal consistency, and interobserver reliability. ...single study had enough power to exclude that there is no association between EMF -exposure and childhood... The visibility in central London dropped to a few meters and there was an up to 10...