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  • Fleet Management and Tracking Software-Image
    Fleet Management and Tracking Software - (196 companies)
    ...workstations, personal computers (PCs), or handheld devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), tablet PCs, and pocket PCs. Instead, employees use a browser to connect to a remote web server. Most PC-based applications use the Microsoft Windows... Learn More
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    RFID Chips - (32 companies)
    ...or currency. When an RFID reader broadcasts a request for this information, the RFID tag that contains the corresponding ID code responds with a transmission. Some of these RFID devices do not have batteries, and are instead powered by the radio... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Barcode Scanners-Image
    Barcode Scanners - (596 companies)
    It is a near-contact or contact device with a smaller depth of field than a laser. For these devices, it is important that all the lights produce the exact same light intensity and color. Infrared light - Infrared light barcodes are used for high... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Human Machine Interfaces-Image
    Human Machine Interfaces - (526 companies)
    ...messages. When selecting human machine interfaces, important considerations include devices supported and devices controlled. Device dimensions, operating temperature, operating humidity, and vibration and shock ratings are other important factors... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • GPS Chips and Modules-Image
    GPS Chips and Modules - (56 companies) determine position on the earth's surface. GPS is an acronym for global positioning system. GPS refers to a system of satellites and receivers that allow people and devices to pinpoint their precise location on the earth. The system relies on 24... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • RFID Software - (151 companies)
    ...applications are used to produce RFID tags, tiny transponders that attach to RFID antennas. Others are designed to print RFID labels that include human-readable text or barcodes. RFID software for handheld devices such as readers, encoders, and scanners can... Learn More
  • RFID Tags - (134 companies)
    Angle; Easi-Card; Mobile Mag. RFID tags are small, electronic devices which are used to wirelessly identify and track physical articles through its radio frequency interaction with RFID readers. Each tag consists of at least an integrated circuit... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Human Resources Software - (71 companies)
    ...applications include features such as applicant tracking, personnel scheduling, time and attendance monitoring, and performance appraisal. Some human resources software is used to create organizational charts and photo IDs. Other applications apply... Learn More
  • Human Resources Services - (398 companies)
    Human resources services administer a company’s employee policies, compensation plans, and benefits such as vacation time and health insurance. They may also evaluate management performance and oversee employee relations. How to Select Human... Learn More
  • Bug Tracking Software - (20 companies)
    Bug tracking software enables developers to use breakpoint and stepping methods to troubleshoot source code written for computers and embedded systems. These stand-alone computer applications are not part of an integrated development environment... Learn More
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POLARIS REMOTE 15"   Bartec US Corp. Human Machine Interfaces without any restrictions in the Ex area. The front panel installation assures ease of mounting. Upon request, the devices are also available as turn-key system solutions in a stainless steel enclosure as wall, floor or ceiling mounting versions. The screen of the POLARIS Remote 15' is a TFT display...
SGM-60001-GLLW1   Howard Computers Computer Mice and Pointing Devices Ergonomically designed, easing your hand into place atop of this mouse emotes the feeling of sliding on silk gloves. Smooth, velvety curves with a deftly placed thumb-rest conform beautifully to the natural contours of the human right hand, which allows the serious gamer to perform at a high level...
ADNS-4700   Avago Technologies Sensor Chips . Suitable for use in mice, trackballs and other human interface devices (HID), the compact ADNS-4700 optical sensors help eliminate the need for an external microcontroller and require the use of fewer passive components. The highly-integrated LED-based optical sensors also help deliver ease-of-design...

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...and after-market traceability, and, in some cases, anticounterfeiting and antitheft protections to ensure the integrity of everything from surgical tools to pacemakers to joint replacements. Such tracking and recordkeeping capabilities help manufacturers comply with government regulations, avoid or correct...

Corporate Responsibility Careers Contact Us Environmental Health & Safety Investor Relations Leadership Legal Information Media Center. News & Events. Press Release. Microchip Videos. microSOLUTIONS eNewsletter. Contact Us. myMicrochip Login. AN1144 - USB Human Interface Device Class on an Embedded Host...

...power, a sensor triggers the device at the required intervals. The data is then processed and transmitted to the base station. Industrial applications of energy harvesting include surveillance and security, long-range asset tracking, implantable sensors and equipment monitoring. Batteries currently used...

...and validation of requirements for medical device user interfaces that are implemented in software. It won 't provide tips on how to make devices easier to use, but it will lay out a methodology for incorporating, tracking, and documenting human factors throughout the development process. For medical...

...accurate tracking of use history is essential in order to minimize the possibility of patient injury. Most single-use medical devices are made up of several different polymers or metals. The abutment of different materials generates additional reprocessing questions. Adhesives used to join...

...medical records and the ability to manage hospital administrative procedures electronically. However, there are still a number of paper-based systems in healthcare environments, leaving a lot of room for human error. The UDS-10 external device server by Lantronix (Irvine, CA) allows device...

...and finite-element programming. Human-factors engineering can reduce the likelihood of errors when consumers use new devices. Design firms can best interface with their OEM customers by providing all of these capabilities. The use of outsourced design services allows OEMs to build more-flexible and more-agile...

tracking over a guidewire or other delivery device. A handheld infrared heat tool weighs 10 oz and can be used to shrink heat-shrinkable tubing and materials. The Glo-Ring's circular quartz elements open and close to encircle the workpiece, resulting in quick,. Reader's Choice: Top 20 Products...

Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Case Study: Sensys Medical, Chandler, AZ Sensys Medical 's development of a noninvasive glucose monitor demonstrates the integration of human factors analysis throughout the design and development process. Linda Hockersmith, Sensys 's vice president of clinical...

Copyright Risk More on Device Tracking Another Reprocessor Cited R &D HORIZONS:Blood Substitutes: Recreating the Fluid of Life by Gregg Nighswonger Efforts to develop viable alternatives to human blood are beginning to prove successful in both operating suites and emergency rooms BOTTOM LINE...

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