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  • Humidifier Case Study (Vaporstream): Rikshospital; Oslo, Norway

    When the new Rikshospital, Norway's largest, opened in Oslo in 1999, it quickly became apparent that the originally-installed humidifiers could not maintain stable, reliable humidification. Particular concern was in the skin culture laboratory of the burns unit, where relative humidity must

  • Application: AC & Humidifier Condensate Reservoir Level Detection (.pdf)

    A typical unit can accumulate up to 15 gallons (60 liters) of water in a single day. With this much water being produced, care must be taken with the reservoirs to prevent water overflow. Reed sensors provide a reliable way to detect maximum levels to either alert the user or turn on a water pump.

  • Humidifier Case Study (GTS): Region of Waterloo Water Testing Laboratory; Ontario, Canada

    When electric utility and maintenance costs at the Region of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) Water Testing Laboratory became more than the budget could bear, Brian Bechtel, coordinator of energy management for the Municipality of Waterloo, sought a more economical way to attain the indoor air quality

  • Humidifier Case Study (Ultra-sorb): University of Alberta Hospitals; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    The Walter MacKenzie Center of the University of Alberta Hospitals is the primary teaching and research institution in the Province of Alberta. With 950 beds for patients, research laboratories and the Provincial Laboratory of Public Health, this is a very large building by any standard. Twenty-six

  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs)

    to sanitize, deodorize and disinfect surfaces and equipment. QACs are also routinely formulated with various water treatments to inhibit algal growth in cooling towers, humidifiers and swimming pools. These tests are applicable to the monitoring of QACs in cleaning solutions and in treated cooling

  • New Generation of Premix Gas Blowers

    ). Applications include residential and. commercial gas furnaces, humidifiers, water heaters, gas-fired food service equipment, and hydrogen fuel cells.

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  • Re: Expertise Needed - Residential Construction Project

    I'm glad to see we're on the right track. At least it appears so from what you posted since we have been over most of those topics repeatedly....except the thing about the 3-phase pumps. We only have single phase available. The system is relatively complex for a residential application but I created...

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In the winter months, the drop in humidity can cause electrostatic discharge and very low humidity levels. Smart Fog commercial humidifiers address many of the critical issues in clean room humidification. Smart Fog Inc announced this week the new standard in clean non-wetting humidification. Packed was hygienic features new Smart Fog commercial humidifier is ideal for clean room environments. The commercial humidifier is ideal for electrostatic control, precise relative humidity control...

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Smart Fog manufactures custom industrial humidifiers to match your specifications. With the smallest droplet size in the market, and energy efficient technology, Smart Fog offers a reliable low maintenance system for your humidification, disinfection or dust suppression needs.   We stand by ourproducts, and aim to provide the best customer service possible. There is no application too small or too big for us. Innovative &. dedicated Team of experts will assist you in finding...

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Smart Fog Humidification products have a wide range of applications ranging from industrial humidification to residential household use. It ’s commonly known that humidity plays a significant role in personal comfort, but humidity levels that are too high or too low can cause serious problems and may even pose a health risk. Smart Fog systems provide precise humidity control to meet your requirements while keeping all surfaces dry, eliminating mold/bacteria growth. All of our Systems come...