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  • Re: Expertise Needed - Residential Construction Project

    I'm glad to see we're on the right track. At least it appears so from what you posted since we have been over most of those topics repeatedly....except the thing about the 3-phase pumps. We only have single phase available. The system is relatively complex for a residential application but I created...

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  • CTT Systems Receives First Airline Order for A350-900 Humidifiers

    NYK?PING, Sweden--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Regulatory News: CTT SYSTEMS ("CTT")(STO:CTT), the market leader of anti-condensation systems for commercial aircraft and the provider of humidification products for cockpit, crew rest and cabin areas, has been awarded its first Airbus A350-customer order for flight deck and flight crew rest compartment humidifiers. The airline has ordered humidifiers for flight deck and flight crew rest compartment to be installed in its first A350-900 aircraft. The airline h

  • 4017 & 555 Police LED Lights Project (noob question)

    hello, i am assigned to create a physical project starting from the schematics on the left side. my teacher told me that the schematic is incomplete, so the first step is to corect it and then use pads and then send the gerber files to a company to create it. i started reserching it and every schem

  • Solar power from energy-harvesting trees (video)

    (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland) Scientists at VTT have developed a prototype of a tree that harvests solar energy from its surroundings - whether indoors or outdoors - stores it and turns it into electricity to power small devices such as mobile phones, humidifiers, thermometers and LED light bulbs.

  • A New Gustometer for Taste Testing in Rodents

    In recent years, to circumvent the interpretive limitations associated with intake tests commonly used to assess taste function in rodents, investigators have developed devices called gustometers to deliver small volumes of taste samples and measure immediate responses, thereby increasing confidence that the behavior of the animal is under orosensory control. Most of these gustometers can be used to measure unconditioned licking behavior to stimuli presented for short durations and/or can be used to train the animal to respond to various fluid stimuli differentially so as to obtain a reward and/or avoid punishment. Psychometric sensitivity and discrimination functions can thus be derived. Here, we describe a new gustometer design, successfully used in behavioral experiments, that was guided by our experience with an older version used for over 2 decades. The new computer-controlled gustometer features no dead space in stimulus delivery lines, effective cleaning of the licking substrate, and the ability to measure licking without passing electrical current through the animal. The parts and dimensions are detailed, and the benefits and limitations of certain design features are discussed. Schematics for key circuits are provided as supplemental information. Accordingly, it should be possible to fabricate this device in a fashion customized for one’s needs.

  • 7 Pin Connector to Where?

    Hi, I am recently making a drawing for a schematics. I was asked to use a 7 pin connector which connects to power with a bunch of components on a tracker, such as brakes, lights, etc. Can anyone give me a full list of these typical components that I can get more idea of where the 7 pin connector le

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Smart Fog
Clean Room Hygenic Humidifiers

In the winter months, the drop in humidity can cause electrostatic discharge and very low humidity levels. Smart Fog commercial humidifiers address many of the critical issues in clean room humidification. Smart Fog Inc announced this week the new standard in clean non-wetting humidification. Packed was hygienic features new Smart Fog commercial humidifier is ideal for clean room environments. The commercial humidifier is ideal for electrostatic control, precise relative humidity control...

Smart Fog
Custom Industrial Humidifiers

Smart Fog manufactures custom industrial humidifiers to match your specifications. With the smallest droplet size in the market, and energy efficient technology, Smart Fog offers a reliable low maintenance system for your humidification, disinfection or dust suppression needs.   We stand by ourproducts, and aim to provide the best customer service possible. There is no application too small or too big for us. Innovative &. dedicated Team of experts will assist you in finding...

Smart Fog
New- Silent Series of Commerical Humidifiers

Smart Fog Inc has announce the the completion of the first silent commercial humidifier technology series currently in field testing, the first units are scheduled to ship 2015. Commercial humidifiers are both used in households and companies, controlling the moisture in the surroundings. Commercial uses of a humidifier include use in wine storage facilities, greenhouses, laboratories, hospitals, etc. Smart Fog offers customers an easy and simple solution to their humidification problems...

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  • H69A1014