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  • Silicone Sealant from Heng Ying Adhesive Co.LTD, China
    Now, our company covers an area of 6,800 square meters, and is well-known as one of the largest manufacturers in producing RTV and Contact Cements used in electronics and electrical equipment. HYBOND ADHESIVE.Net) is a hi-tech enterprise, developing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of adhesives with...
  • Physical mapping and microsynteny of Brassica rapa ssp. pekinensis genome corresponding to a 222 kbp gene-rich region of Arabidopsis chromosome 4 and partia...
    The gel was blotted overnight to Hybond -N+ mem- ...fiber preparation, covered with a 22 mm · 40 mm cover-slip and sealed with rubber cement . The slide was placed in an 80°C oven in direct contact with the heated surface for 3...
  • Increased non-rapid eye movement sleep by cocaine withdrawal: Possible involvement of A2A receptors
    ...led sub- cutaneously to the skull and the bare ends were placed in contact with the dura... The electrodes were anchored to the skull with screws and dental cement . Proteins were transferred to PVDF membranes (Amersham Hybond -P, GE Healthcare) using a semidry transfer system.
    appositional mesoderm/ectoderm contacts are abolished. planar signalling allows development of the cement and hatching glands in Samples were loaded onto 1.5% agarose/MOPS/formaldehyde gels which were blotted to Hybond -N nylon membrane (Amersham...
  • Is Rhodnius robustus (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) responsible for Chagas disease transmission in Western Venezuela?
    It provided data indicating that this transmission could be related to sporadic contacts of humans with R... Settlements are composed of few scattered houses, 150–500 m apart, well constructed, with cement floor, painted walls and... ...0.5 N NaOH, 1.5 M NaCl, twice for 15 min) onto charged nylon membranes ( Hybond N+; Amersham, Buckinghamshire...
  • Lung Cancer
    Hybond -N (Amersham). ...capillary blotting: Place a container with 20X SSC and strips of Whatman paper in contact with it. Rubber cement (Fixogum, Marabu, D-71732 Tamm, FRG).
  • Genomics Protocols
    Hybond N+ membranes (Amersham Pharmacia Biotech). of the gel, ensuring that there are no air bubbles and full contact between the gel... Rubber cement obtained from bicycle or artists’ suppliers.
  • Parasite Genomics Protocols
    Set the transfer (see Note 9) with 10X SSC using a Hybond -N membrane. absolutely vital that the chromosomal DNA is never allowed to come into contact with ethidium bromide... Rubber cement .
  • Plant Nutrition
    ...with 0.2 M NaOH in 96-well microtitre plates and deposited on Hybond N nylon filters... ...complex often creates a chemical barrier to root growth and development, decreasing root contact with soil nutrients... ...cultivated 5 times in a soil contaminated with Tl by deposits of a cement plant (orig. conc...
  • Brain Edema XIII
    ...was separated by sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and transferred to a Hybond -C pure nitrocellulose... ...m/secÀ1 (100 p.s.i.), a penetration depth of 1 mm, and a contact time of 0... A plastic Luer-loc was fixed over the craniectomy site with dental cement .
  • Environmental Genomics
    Hybond -N 0.45-μm nylon membranes (GE Healthcare). If concentrated probe contacts the membrane, the result can be a “hot spot�? which may obscure important... Glass cover slip sealant (rubber cement ).
  • Plant Gene Transfer and Expression Protocols
    Nylon transfer membrane ( Hybond from Amersham [Arlington Heights, IL] or equivalent). Caution Ethidium bromide is a nucleic acid intercalating agent and mutagen; avoid contact with the skin. These are made by cementing Smm^ x 1 mm thick squares of plastic to the upper (thick...
  • Herpes Simplex Virus Protocols
    The manufacturer’s mstructions for the membrane used (e.g., Amersham [Amersham, UK], HyBond N, or HyBond N... We can be contacted for a step-by-step walk-through of how we use our Celhgen... ...the cover slip can be tacked in place with a bead of rubber cement delivered via a...
  • Bioluminescence Methods and Protocols
    Transfer chromosomal digests to a Hybond -N membrane (Amersham, Oakville, Canada), and hybridize (e.g., by the... This method not only ensures that the Petri dishes are contacting the X-ray film with equal... rpoH, 189 rpoS, 189 RRL, see Rabbit reiculocyte lysate Rubber cement , 38 .

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