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  • Galvanic isolation for IGBT-Driver

    Usually, an IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) is described in the following way: "An IGBT is a combination of a field effect transistor and a bipolar transistor where an N-channel FET controls a bipolar transistor". Although this sentence describes the basics very well, in the case of IGBT

  • Reduce IGBT Gate Drive Design Costs and Space

    The ACPL-337J is an advanced highly integrated gate drive optocoupler, designed to ISOLATE, DRIVE, PROTECT and FEEDBACK the IGBT's operational status. It has a rail-to-rail output that can deliver 4A of maximum current capable of driving high power IGBT directly.

  • IGBT Power Losses in Induction Heating Applications

    IGBTs with blocking voltages of about 1200 V are widely. used in single-ended induction heating applications. During. turn-off, the high voltage impressed across the IGBT. together with its residual current cause considerable. turn-off losses. During the on-state of the IGBT, the power. lost due

  • Using NEC Optocouplers as Gate Drivers in IGBT and Power MOSFET Applications

    Reviews the characteristics and technical requirements of using an NEC high speed optocoupler to gate drive an IGBT or Power MOSFET.

  • Expanding the Safe Operating Area of Polypropylene Dielectric IGBT Snubber Capacitors

    Important developments of IGBT's (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) in recent years have been focused on increasing power handling capability and increasing reliability including short circuit tolerance. Snubber capacitors have also undergone changes in construction enabling increased power

  • Comparing the Incomparable: Understanding and Comparing IGBT Module Datasheets (.pdf)

    This might sound somewhat overdone but comparing IGBT modules using datasheets is. not as easy at is might appear. A rough comparison can, of course, be made using the. component blocking voltage (VCES, e.g. 1200V) and the nominal current. (ICnom = 100A, 200A...). On closer inspection, however

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FKN Systek, Inc.
IGBT Connector and Cable Assemblies

IGBT Connector and Cable Assemblies from 2E SysCom. 2 Pin IGBT Connectors mount PCBs directly to IGBT Modules. The IGBT connectors and cable assemblies from 2E SysCom are designed specifically for attaching to the spade terminals on IGBT modules. These are used to connect the IGBT power modules to a printed circuit board. Suitable for 2 spade tabs 2.8x 0.5mm, the connectors are made with integrated automatic locking clips built in. Three grid spacings for tabs are available. (4.0, 4.7, and 6.0...

Infineon Technologies AG
FREE IGBT Reference e-Book

The arrival and consistent development of MOS-controlled power semiconductor components has helped the entire field of power electronics towards a breakthrough regarding high power density, system efficiency and reliability. The key technology, facilitating the wide power range of a few hundred watts to many megawatts, has been the IGBT. Free e-Book: IGBT Modules – Technologies, Driver & Applications. Explore detailed information about power electronics in relation to IGBTs...

Aerovox Corp.
IGBT Snubber Capacitors for Power Electronics

Film Capacitors for IGBT Power Electronics Applications. Aerovox snubber film capacitors are designed for the high peak current operation required for protection against transient voltages. Such voltages are caused by the high dI/dT generated in switching power electronics applications. Aerovox IGBT Snubber capacitors are offered in standard voltages of 630 VDC  to 3,000 VDC  for 100,000-hour operation.