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  • Fatigue and Impact Testing of Composites Keeps Aerospace Industry Flying High
    Prof. FATIGUE AND IMPACT TESTING OF COMPOSITES KEEPS. AEROSPACE INDUSTRY FLYING HIGH. Frank Lio. Instron Corporation. Product Manager. Ultimately, all aircraft will develop cracks; the incredible stresses produced by take-offs, landings and other flight-related conditions make this inevitable
  • Medical Device Link . Predicting Cryogenic Impact Performance of Medical Containers from Resin Properties
    was to compare and correlate the data generated by three different test methods: dynamic mechanical analysis of the PVC resins, instrumented impact testing of the films, and performance testing of the. Predicting Cryogenic Impact Performance of Medical Containers from Resin Properties (MPB archive
  • New low impact paper
    New Low Impact Paper Coating Technology Vilho Nissinen takes a look at OptiSpray coating technology Over time we have seen a decrease in the trend of paper product prices. In recessionary times, low value products lose their profit marginal quite easily. To achieve good profitability, the value
  • Factors Influencing Charpy Impact Resistance of Zirconium 702 (.pdf)
    This paper reviews current work performed by OWC to better characterize significant factors influencing impact toughness of zirconium 702, as determined by Charpy impact testing. In Part I, an overview of impact testing and specifically Charpy testing is given. In Part II, the experimental design
  • Impact Toughness Testing
    Impact toughness testing measure the energy absorbed by a specimen before it breaks. This quantity is composed of several energy contributions, including energy absorbed by the impact machine through vibrations after initial contact with the specimen, and loss in pendulum energy (in pendulum impact
  • Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Sintered NdFeB Magnets with Improved Impact Toughness
    . INTRODUCTION. hysteresigraph. Impact toughness was measured using the. Charpy impact method with a Bell-Laboratory-type impact-. Sintered NdFeB-type permanent magnets are based on. testing machine. ASTM C1161, ASTM E8-00b, and ASTM. Nd2Fe14B intermetallic compounds, which are intrinsically. C1424 were
  • Flow Down Impact on Nadcap Testing of Forged Parts
    shops ensure they receive maximum value from their testing partner. Sherry Laboratories - Laboratory Testing - Flow Down Impact on Nadcap Testing of Forged Parts. About Us | Request Information | Request a Quote | Client Satisfaction Survey | News| Mailing List. News. RSS News Feed. Categories
  • Impact Resistance Testing of Medicine Package Material
    Abstract: This article is about testing method and testing procedure of impact resistance testing in medical standard, and presents a brief description of the falling ball impact tester newly developed by Labthink special for medical package material. Medicine blister package (PTP package