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  • Induction's new gig: Capless sealing

    table-top units for low production runs or mounted over conveyors for high-volume runs. An induction seal is placed inside the cap by the cap manufacturer so packagers need only to pass the container under a sealing head. Under the sealing head, an induction heater induces an eddy current into the seal

  • Intricacies for the Successful Induction Heating of Steels in Modern Forge Shops (.pdf)

    discusses: Trends in forging steels. Selection of forging temperatures. Intricacies of process requirements associated with recent knowledge related to theory and practice of induction heating. Novel induction billet heater design concept. Temperature uniformity requirements. Common misassumption

  • Air-Conditioning Unit Assembly

    An approved supplier for customers such as BAE, irbus and Raytheon, DHAP is responsible for the air-conditioning unit assembly for the NH90------a process for which they use an EFD Induction Minac induction heater.

  • Efficient AC

    and are quite challenging for manufacturers. Without the use of more advanced electronic technology these standards may be potentially impractical. Such technology includes variable-speed drives powering either a standard ac induction or brushless dc compressor. Modern air conditioners incorporate power

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  • Portable 12v Pie Warmer

    Hello the group. I've been having a bit of a fossick around and seen many interesting things, but nothing quite in the area I want to explore. I'm a tinkerer from way back, and have learned that sometimes I really DO need to ask for advice and guidance. This is one of those times and I hope you can...

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Inductotherm Group
Induction Heaters

In an industry increasingly dependent on technology advances for the melting, heating, coating, and other thermal treatment of metals, Inductotherm Group stands apart.  Our worldwide organization of 40 companies provides innovative engineering expertise that makes a difference.  Each product is developed globally, manufactured locally, and supported by Inductotherm Group companies- the name you know and trust. Inductoheat equipment provides induction heating systems for an array...

Quality Bearings & Components
MF Induction Heaters for Economical Bearing Repair

New Hyde Park, NY  -  January 13, 2015 – New Hyde Park, NY – Today, Quality Bearings & Components (QBC) brand of Designatronics, Inc. announced availability of BETEX ® MF Induction Heaters, enabling repair operations of the rail industry to easily dismantle the inner rings, NU-NJ bearings and labyrinth rings when servicing truck axels.  . QBC offers an economical complete turnkey solution for repair operations as this induction heater will assist with both...

Quality Bearings & Components
BETEX 22 ELD is the smallest of induction heaters

and rapid heating. The BETEX 22 ELD is the smallest of a wide range of 12 induction heaters in both standard and turbo types. Identified as the TB-270600S, this 3.6 kVA portable induction heater will accept bearings, gears and other components with a minimum Inner Diameter of 10 mm or .39 inches and a maximum Outer Diameter of 240 mm or 9.45 inches, plus a maximum width of 120 mm or 4.72 inches. The maximum weight of the component to be heated is 15 kg or 33 lbs. Various accessories...