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  • Induction Heating in the Rodding Shop

    induction heating helped improve operations at Europe's largest aluminum plant.

  • Innovative Induction Heating Technologies (.pdf)

    for non-rotational hardening and tempering of crankshafts (V-4, V-6 and V-8) and camshafts with non-convention journals and lobes. Specifics of induction hardening of hand tools (i.e., wrench jaws, hammers), fasteners, etc. Induction heating of large-diameter (8 to 12 in. and larger) billets made from carbon

  • Change from Gas or Arch Heating to Induction Heating

    One small but important step to help the environment is the change from gas or arc heating to induction heating. We all want to help the environment. But it can be tough deciding where to start. One small but important step is the change from gas or arc heating to induction heating. It's good

  • Curing Plastisol Filter Seals with Induction Heating (.pdf)

    Induction heating offers a cost-effective solution for curing compounds used in the assembly of automotive oils filters.

  • Induction Heating Equipment Designed for Straightening Decks

    The transistorised induction heating revolution was born to address the needs of one specific application: deckstraightening in the shipyards of Norway. It's an exciting story - one that underscores EFD Induction's background as an applications-driven pioneer.

  • Medical Applications For Precision Induction Heating (.pdf)

    Induction heating is a method of providing fast, consistent heat for manufacturing and research applications which involve bonding or changing the properties of metals or other electrically conductive materials. The process relies on electrical currents within the material to produce heat. Although

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  • Portable 12v Pie Warmer

    Hello the group. I've been having a bit of a fossick around and seen many interesting things, but nothing quite in the area I want to explore. I'm a tinkerer from way back, and have learned that sometimes I really DO need to ask for advice and guidance. This is one of those times and I hope you can...

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  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

    Heat Exchanger Performance is a powerful, user friendly, program for the analysis of two types of Heat Exchangers: Shell & Multi-Tube Exchangers, and Double Pipe Exchangers. In either case, the tubes are of the bare-tube type. The program will analyze the performance of a known heat exchanger: Given the flows and inlet temperatures of the Tube-side fluid and the Shell-side fluid, the program will predict the exit temperatures of both fluids and the total heat exchanged.

  • Alfa Laval Wins SEK 80 Million Energy-Efficiency Order in the U.S.

    LUND, Sweden--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Regulatory News: Alfa Laval (STO:ALFA) Alfa Laval - a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling - has won an order to supply compact heat exchangers to a refinery in the U.S. The order, booked in the Energy & Process segment, has a value of approximately SEK 80 million. Delivery is scheduled for 2016. The Alfa Laval compact heat exchangers will be used for heat recovery in the process where heavy crude oil is upgraded to ultra-lo

  • Egloo Heats Up Your Room With Just Candles, No DIY Needed

    Just thinking of the fat bill that will slip through the mail box at the end of the winter season makes everyone dream of a miracle super cheap heating system. This thought exactly is behind the Egloo project, which offers heating for 10 cents a day. You most probably know …The post Egloo Heats Up Your Room With Just Candles, No DIY Needed appeared first on The Green Optimistic.


    Renewable specialist TGE Group has been awarded a ?1m contract to install a 1,300kW heat pump for a Shropshire poultry farmer to provide heat and cooling across four new poultry units. On completion, the system will be the largest Ground Source Heat Pump installation in the UK poultry sector. The project, currently in build, will be managed alongside the construction of the units to ensure the four, 50,000 bird capacity sheds are complete for late spring. The installation of five Geo Qube Ground Source Heat Pumps, manufactured specifically for the poultry industry, will deliver reactive heating and cooling to each building. With 11,000m of vertical bore holes, the heat pump will deliver highly controlled temperature loads of 33?C, dropping to 20 ?C over the crop cycle. Under floor heating will accommodate the base heating load with fan coil units trimming the heating to maintain an accurate internal temperature across multiple zones. With floor, air and humidity sensors throughout the buildings, the system will ensure that birds gain weight in a controlled, comfortable environment enabling them to reach maximum growth potential increasing yield and profitability. During warmer weather, the fan coils are capable of cooling, helping to reduce humidity and heat levels in conjunction with the ventilation systems, whilst re-charging heat into the well field. "Heat pumps have many benefits over biomass boilers for new poultry units," explains TGE Heat Director, Matthew Evans. "They eliminate the need for regular fuel deliveries on top of the other delivery activities involved on site, which can have an impact on planning. Service and maintenance requirements are higher with biomass, plus heat pumps offer the additional benefits of cooling and de-humidification. "The initial, higher capital cost is soon recouped by the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), payable for ever unit of heat generated, making payback times similar to biomass. For this project, the payback period is just over four years, with ?4m in savings and income over the 20 year RHI term. The system should also be eligible for tax relief from the 100% enhanced capital allowance." The advantages of renewable heat in poultry units over fossil fuels are considerable, not only financial, but also increasing bird welfare, generating less CO2 and humidity. The cost of heating new, highly insulated poultry units using LPG would be 5.4p/kWh. Heat delivered using heat pump technology is 3p/kWh*. TGE Group was chosen for this project as it has a strong track record in delivering successful commercial heat pump projects. Recent work includes two award winning heat pump installations for a poultry farm in the West Midlands and for a Bellway Homes' flagship residential development. TGE Group provides renewable energy systems for clients in the commercial, agricultural and public sectors including award winning heat pump installations for farms and residential developments. The company covers all renewable energy technologies including solar, biomass and heat pumps to help customers reduce energy costs. The broad range of products also compliments their existing energy management and distribution services. For further information, visit http://www.tge-group.co.uk or alternatively call 0845 643 2528. ends For press information Louis Hill / Rachel Bie Claire Davies Louis.hill@thesourcepartnership.com marketing@tge-group.co.uk 01829 720 789 01829 261 765 Note to editors TGE Group was established in 2007 (previously known as The Green Electrician Group) and has since grown to be one of the UK's leading suppliers of renewable energy and heat systems serving the agricultural, commercial, large residential and public sectors. The company's wide range of products and services includes solar PV, solar thermal, heat pumps, biomass boilers, maintenance and monitoring, energy management and procurement. Headquartered on the Shropshire/Cheshire border, the company now employs more than 50 people and runs highly trained heat and electrical installation teams. Follow TGE Group on twitter @TGEGroup *Statistics taken from Energy Saving Trust, valid at time of quotation.

  • Space Heating Load

    This program calculates the maximum heating load required in a space (single zone) so that a furnace can be sized.? Heat transfer coefficients are built in for many types of wall, floors, doors, windows, etc.? Custom values can also be used. The heat needed for infiltration & humidity control are also calculated. Final furnace sizes are tabulated with several values of efficiency.

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Complimentary Induction Heating Consulting

When you arrange to send Ambrell samples for evaluation, you'll receive free induction heating consulting and you will tap into our vast applications expertise before committing to a purchase. We've handled thousands of parts of virtually any size and shape -- perhaps parts just like yours!  Let our Application Engineers analyze your parts and process requirements, and give you their advice. We encourage you to visit the Applications Lab to work on your application with our induction...

Induction Heating Solutions for Aerospace

Ambrell - a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, is a key provider to aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers. Induction ’s fast, repeatable, controllable, non-contact heating which requires a minimal footprint makes it an ideal solution for the industry.  . Induction heating is used for hot heading, brazing, soldering, preheating, decarburization –among other applications – during the creation of fasteners, turbine blades, hydraulic hose assemblies...

The Ambrell Induction Heating Difference

for nearly 30 years and has installed 10,000 systems in over 50 countries. Induction heating is fast, repeatable and energy efficient -- a great solution to a wide array of heating applications such as brazing, soldering, heat treating, melting, material testing and much more. But having a team behind you to ensure that you receive the perfect system for your specific application is critical to your success. Ambrell has a track-record of enhancing processes through delivering the right system...