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  • 10 years EU membership of Austria
    has taken the pioneering role The dern.46 EG in some regions (integrativer protection of environment UVP, planning, Natura 2000, air protection , also Chemikalienrecht?); Austria likes not to lag by it, but to reinforce this tendency.
  • The university Heidelberg in National Socialism
    Rich anti - aircraft waistband RWM .
  • Manual of the technique right
    ...13 PatG a protected invention on arrangement of the competent authority in the interest of the public welfare and the safety of the waistband can (e.g. for epidemic combating or in disaster use) (e.g. for anti - aircraft purposes) be used.
  • Wunibald I. E. comb-pioneer of the modern force driving technique
    1941/1942 the comb allowed an own anti - aircraft gallery with compound and dig emergency exit to the neighboring land on the Richard-Wagner-road.
  • House technique
    This applies the electrical lines to the operation of anti - aircraft sirens and warning systems not to drainage pumps of the shaft pit provided these devices are mounted wartungsfrei or so, that they of can be waited outside the elevator installation.
  • Dubbel
    ) becomes 22 and [2] reached not far; the necessary oxygen content isn't fallen below itself by small room volume per person (how in anti - aircraft constructions).
  • State-owned social policy in Germany
    The remindings of the extremely bad supply position in the First World War wake up especially as the air protection that is strongly developed allows also to pay the ideas on a possible war at this time.
  • Room climate technique
    It is set up for example fUr the separation of Treibstoffdampfen of the Aul3enluft of airport as well as for separation of gasformiger combat agents or radioactive explosion products of nuclear weapons in air protection .
  • Negotiations of Medical societies
    The Sfalasfiihrer of the group of country province the question treated Saxony and stopping of the rich anti - aircraft waistband, Luftsehutzkapitxn major a. D. of K13NSTLER, in its lecture in general terms, air risk and air protection ".
  • Manual of the surface treatment concrete
    1 piece / 50 m2 removing of an anti - aircraft tower .