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Parts by Number for Infrared Emitter Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1N6264 ASAP Semiconductor GE Not Provided INFRARED EMITTER 100MA 3V 940NM
XC88-FC ASAP Semiconductor NSC Not Provided 880nM SUPER INFRARED EMITTER 10.5mW 65DEG 100mA
SE3455-003 Allied Electronics, Inc. HONEYWELL OPTO PRODUCTS Not Provided Diode, Infrared Emitter, Metal Package, 90 Degree, 4.8 Power Output (mW)
OP131 Allied Electronics, Inc. OPTEK TECHNOLOGY Not Provided Infrared Emitter, GaAs Diode, 935 nm, 3.0 mW/cm2, TO-46

Conduct Research Top

  • Technical Background: Infrared Emitters (.pdf)
    Why Quartz Glass? Provide: high transmission for. IR Radiation, high thermal shock resistance, good high temperature properties and more... �� Technical Background. Chapter 2. Infrared Emitters. •Quartz Glass. •Twin Tube Design. •Gold Reflector. •Emitter Types. •Emitter Modification
  • Design / Installation Notes: Shortwave Emitters (.pdf)
    emitters infrared source is from a tungsten filament located in the center of the emitter. The protective element that surrounds the tungsten in made from clear fused quartzglass. This is evacuated and sealed and provides protection for the filament from oxygen, and provides against convection
  • Infrared Technology
    . Applications. Cata-Dyne™ Infrared Gas Catalytic Heaters. Explosion-Proof Catalyst Pad. Cata-Dyne WX Series Heaters - Applications. High Performance Catalyst Pad. Catalyst Technology - Principles of Operation. Gas Catalytic Heaters - Long Band Infrared Emitters. CCI Thermal's Research & Test Centers. Product
  • Comparision of Convection vs. Infrared (.pdf)
    How is heat transfer different? Convection can only be controlled by air temperature and airspeed. With infrared emitters a far greater flexibility in heat up rates and temperatures can be achieved using different energy densities and wavelengths. How energy efficient are the technologies
  • Case Study - Infrared for De-icing
    and this work had to be carried out at heights of 12. to 27 yards.”. Altogether, surface areas of 29' x 13' were each fitted with 24 medium. wave infrared emitters, with a total rated power of 236 kW. Every three of. the approx. 7' long emitters are mounted in a frame and these modules can be. easily
  • Infrared Heaters Increase Efficiency of Painting Honda Bumpers (.pdf)
    . An infrared oven, fitted with fast response, medium wave emitters, from Heraeus Noblelight is helping to increase the. efficiency of the spray painting of vehicle bumpers at Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd. Bumpers are painted with three coats. First a prime coat is applied, which is flashed off
  • Infrared Technology
    Infrared thermometers operate by means of infrared radiation. Infrared occupies a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light radio waves. The electromagnetic spectrum is a group of different types radiation. These types include gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet light, visible
  • Case Study - Infrared for Plastics Components Processing
    . The associated heating processes must usually be carried out in. relatively restricted space in a very short time. Microsoft Word - PM_MesseK_qrcgeformt_e.docx. Press Release. Infrared Heaters for Edges, Corners and Folds of Plastic Components. Infrared Emitters for Reproducible, Three-Dimensional Heating