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  • Smart Computing Article - The Input & Output Of Inkjet Printers
    The Input & Output Of Inkjet Printers November 1999 Vol.3 Issue 4 Add To My Personal Library The Input & Output Of Inkjet Printers Displaying Technology With A Colorful Outcome It's hard to believe such a plain-looking, quiet machine can produce such breathtaking photographs and sharp text
  • Smart Computing Article - Basic Input/Output System
    February 2000 Vol.4 Issue 1 Add To My Personal Library When your computer's Basic Input/ Output System (BIOS) runs smoothly, it is virtually invisible. When it doesn't, it can make computing a nightmare. Why? To begin with, it controls a lot of vital functions. It is the firmware that determines
  • Placing Additional Capacitors at Input and Output?
    It is recommended to use high grade Electrolytic capacitor with low E.S.R or Tantalum capacitors together with a small capacitance Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor paralleled - which ca provide good filtering for ripple and noise.
  • Output Adjustments Of ARG3000 Series
    and from VOUT/2 to -VOUT. This will allow the designer to use higher capacitance with lower voltage rating than that which will be required if a single capacitor was used from +VOUT to -VOUT. To set VOUT for a specific output voltage range when the input control voltage range is known, the ARG3000
  • Using the Auxillary Input of the KXPB5 (.pdf)
    in the main microprocessor, only a SPI bus. As an example, this application note shows a single-axis gyroscope connected to the auxiliary input of the KXPB5. The KXPB5 receives the analog output of the gyroscope and converts it to a 12-bit digital signal that can be read through SPI communication
  • AN509 SCM5B43 - DC LVDT Input Module
    together with hybrid ICs which include an oscillator, demodulator and filter. This combination provides a self-contained unit that accepts a dc voltage input and provides a dc voltage output relative to armature position. Until recently, LVDTs were powered from an AC voltage source. One of the major
  • [Chapter 4] 4.3 Testing and Saving Output<
    In our previous discussion of the pattern space, you saw that sed: Makes a copy of the input line. Modifies that copy in the pattern space. Outputs the copy to standard output. What this means is that sed has a built-in safeguard so that you don't make changes to the original file. Thus
  • SISO to MIMO: Moving Communications from Single-Input Single-Output to Multiple-Input Multiple-Output
    Commercial radio technology has reached an inflection point, similar to the transition from analog to digital, when we invented a whole range of digital technology; now we're moving from single carrier technologies, where we transmit one digital symbol at a time, to a new paradigm, where we're
  • Synchronizing Position Synchronized Output (PSO) with Mode-Locked Lasers
    to be the same as the period of the laser clock signal to ensure that the PSO output is. active at the laser input sample time (usually the rising or falling edge of the clock). In practice, however, the frequencies of the. PSO and laser clock vary based on tolerances of the devices used to synthesize

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