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  • Hydraulic Valve Test Bench Setup Utilizes an ADwin DAQ System
    In 2009 CAS DataLoggers helped design, assemble and program the data acquisition and control solution for an Ohio manufacturer who needed a test bench setup for their directional control valves. The manufacturer contacted CAS DataLoggers to work with them to develop a unique test stand
  • Calibration World 2-2007
    . rooms where the measurement of low. differential pressures is important. when, where and/or how an error was. calibration requirements is to ensure. Process measurements can be critical. made. Therefore, governing bodies that instrument calibrations are. to ensure product quality. Calibrating. tend
  • Calibration Equipment: Justifying Your Purchase Decision
    uncertainties, such as the environment or masters to establish an overall measuring uncertainty. Clearly, an instrument uncertainty statement contains more extensive mathematical calculations that better qualifies the instruments' measuring capability. In the case of a measuring instrument
  • Case Story Airbus- High quality calibration system for aircraft manufacturer
    . Calibration itself has brought many positive. With regards to calibration, all pressure and vacuum gauges,. changes to the instrumentation department. as well as transmitters, are generally brought to the workshop. “In the past we would swap instruments, which. for calibration. Most temperature calibrations
  • Case story UPM Kymmene, Kraft Pulp Mill- Providing a calibration solution for a pulp mill's new needs
    When it comes to calibrating process instruments, Kalle Vikman (UPM Kymmene, Pietarsaari, Finland) has worked in co-operation with Beamex for almost 30 years. "I've worked in co-operation with Beamex since it was established", says Kalle. It was natural, then, to choose Beamex as the calibration
  • Genetic Algorithm for Dynamic Calibration of Engine's Actuators (.pdf)
    the. minimum number of experimental tests, a fast and. In the first category, the control schemes vary according. practical optimization procedure capable of finding the. to the instruments that the engine can be equipped with: optimal calibration values of the seven engine’s. the variable geometry
  • Development to Deployment Code Instrumentation Architecture (.pdf)
    Many modern instruments feature Personal Computer connectivity. A PC connection allows features that a stand-alone instrument cannot provide, such as data upload/download, improved user-interface for instrument management, instrument automation... etc. Irrespective of the physical aspects
  • Gauge Your Level Instrumentation Options
    , need less frequent calibration and are installed in such a way that an instrument failure won't compromise process uptime or derail a batch that's in process. At Genentech's South San Francisco, Calif., manufacturing site, hundreds of tanks and dozens of fermentation trains produce oncology drugs