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Media 6 Z   SAMSON Controls, Inc. Pressure Instruments of the stored gas) is converted into a 4 to. 20 mA signal, which is proportional to the tank content and displayed. on a LCD in the selected unit of measure. Additionally,. limit values can be monitored and indicated. Remote transmission of all relevant Media 6 data is possible using. the Media MTM 32...
EHC-09B   Danatronics Corporation Ultrasonic Instruments designs, Danatronics is pleased to introduce our first line of portable, digital, hand-held ultrasonic thickness gages; The EHC-O9 and EHC-09DL. The EHC series of ultrasonic thickness gages are specifically designed to measure the remaining wall thickness of primarily steel structures. EHC-09...
9500 Series   Micromeritics Densometers and Porosimeters transport characteristics of the material. Wide Variety of Benefits. Advantages: Capability to measure pore diameters from 0.003 to ~1000 µm*. Available with two low and one high-pressure ports or four low and two high-pressure ports for increased sample throughput. Available in 33,000 psi...
Solids Flow Measurement - CentriFeeder ™ Gravimetric Feeder with Integrated Control Valve or ICV   Eastern Instruments Solids Flow Meters complete system optimization. Efficiency: Replaces problematic devices like weigh-belts with both flow measurement and flow control in a single unit. Fast: Opens from closed start to a set point in as little as 1 second. Flexibility: Fluctuations in elasticity, density, shape or friction do...
VM7004   VTI Instruments Corporation Calibration and Reference Standards . This feature can be used for station calibration and self-test, allowing the test station to make a four-wire resistance measurement of the programmed value. The monitor bus can also be paralleled across a large number of VM7004s, eliminating the need to add multiplexer switching to measure the resistors.
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  • Density Range
    Density range is the range of densities that a density or specific gravity instrument can measure. Density is expressed as mass per unit volume, and usually specified in kilograms per cubic meter (kg/^m). The density of water is 1000 kg/m^3 and snow density is usually measured as a ratio
  • IR, Nuclear and Beta Gauge Instruments
    IR, nuclear and beta gauge instruments use the absorption of radiation to measure the thickness or basis weight of webs, sheet materials or coatings. On nonmetallic materials such as paper or plastic films or webs, the amount of radiation is reflected back or transmitted through the material
  • Vortex Meters Tap the Motherlode
    The adage, "You can't control what you can't measure," is nowhere so true as in the process contra] industries. Going one step further, it is also necessary to ensure accuracy and repeatability in measurements. And, while you're at it, it is also nice if the measurement device is economical
  • MICRO: Defect/Yield Analysis & Metrology
    optoacoustic metrology instruments can be used to characterize all process stages: the technique can measure film-thickness uniformity before polishing, removal rates at intermediate stages, and the final thickness after polishing. The technology is also suitable for integrated measurement within the CMP
  • MICRO:New Technologies-Analysis & Metrology, by Patrick J. McCann, p.93 (July '99)
    molecular measurements can help increase yields. Instruments based on mid-IR laser technology are compatible with most semiconductor processing equipment. They can simultaneously measure multiple molecular compounds and perform reliable molecular measurements in corrosive environments. This article
  • MICRO: Behind the Mask -Chen (April 2000)
    patterned defect inspection system (KLA-Tencor, San Jose) running the advanced performance algorithm (APA). Both i-line and deep ultraviolet (DUV) Verithoro programmed defect masks from DuPont Photomasks were investigated. Although engineers have traditionally used shearing microscopes to measure

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