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Parts by Number for ISA USB Card Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
586451403   SIE Computing Solutions, Inc. Industrial Chassis and Card Cages ON/OFF, reset switch, PS/2 keyboard connector, and five peripheral activity LEDs. The rear I/O panel includes one 5-pin DIN (AT), two DB9, one DB25, two USB, and one 68-pin SCSI connectors. A two-year limited warranty is standard. High quality. High Capacity. Carlo Gavazzi ’s 586 Series...
503421000*C   SIE Computing Solutions, Inc. Industrial Chassis and Card Cages one 5-pin DIN (AT), two DB9, two USB, and one 68-pin SCSI. A two-year limited warranty is standard. Lightweight Aluminum Construction. Front access to peripherals and fans. 7 ”H (4U) x 19 ”W x 17 ”D Chassis. 10-slot ISA or PCI/ISA Passive Backplanes. 300/320W and Optional Hot-Swap...

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  • GPIB: Challenges and Potentials
    the GPIB's achievement in hardware implementation for extension in various form factors including ISA, PCI, USB and LAN, and its software compatibility to advance VISA. The article then compares GPIB with newer instrument interface standards such as USB and LXI and explains the pros and cons of each
  • Features of the StackableUSB TM Interface: A New Specification for I/O Expansion in Embedded PCs
    up to. has provided the foun-. a total of 16 periph-. dation for many of the. eral I/O cards, 8 on. popular embeddable. top and 8 on bot-. buses for I/O expansion,. tom, without the. including the USB, PCI,. use of a hub board. PCIe, and standard ISA buses. Two. The USB148 is an example
  • Recent Improvements in Process GC Instrumentation (.pdf)
    takes up a small footprint by utilizing an internal PC with convenient USB port for control/upgrading, more outputs and digital I/O for end user optimization. Microsoft PowerPoint - Recent Improvements in Process GC Instrumentation md 104 ISA. Houston, TX. Oct., 15 2003. Recent Improvements
  • Computer Power User Article - Tech White Paper: PCI Technologies
    PCs today still pass data through the same I/O system as early systems such as the 486 --peripherals, hard drives, sound cards, USB, and FireWire all cross a 33MHz PCI bus transferring data at 133MBps. As the need for increased performance has grown, newer technologies such as DDR memory
  • Medical Device Link .
    applications. Figure 1. The percentages of ISA- and USB-enabled PCs sold in the past two years show a trend in favor of the newer bus. Data retrieved from USB Technology and Market Report (San Diego: Annabooks, October 1998). USB (Universal Serial Bus) is an interface that has been widely available
  • New Connectivity Strategies in Motion Control
    penalties associated with serial communications. Serial networks and buses can now replace both backplane buses and discrete field wiring. These serial links have several origins: from the personal computer world come USB, Ethernet, and FireWire; from the industrial I/O world come Fieldbuses
  • EPIC: The New Mid-Size, Open-Standard for Embedded SBCs
    size of. Figure 1. with a variety of options for I/O. PC/104 vs. EPIC vs. expansion via PC/104, PC/104-Plus,. EBX. All three platforms serve in. of serial, parallel, USB, networking,. USB, Ethernet and so on. deeply embedded applications. video, audio, digital I/O and solid-. where long-term
  • Changing Options in Test and Measurement Platforms
    computing environment is envisioned. Connection to the outside world has not been fully defined, but could be some form of internal bus extension, USB data bus, IEEE-1394 (Firewire) connection, Ethernet or other high bandwidth bus. With no slots, PC plug-in cards would disappear, replaced

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