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  • Development and Application of a MHz Frame Rate
    (Amp 6). Three of the. amplifier stages (AMPS 2, 3 and 4) are operated in a double-pass mode and two are configured for single-pass (AMPS 5. and 6) operation. Following this amplification chain, the output is converted to the second-harmonic (532 nm) with a 12 x. 12 x 8 mm Type II KTP Second Harmonic
  • Procedure for Cleaning Optics
    Fiber Optic Dye Dye 532 Er:YAG Erbium Excimer GaAs HeCad HeNe HeNe Alignment Holmium IR Krypton Krypton Alignment KTP KTP Alignment Nd:YAG Near Infrared PDT Ruby Telecom Ti:Sapphire UV Vis. Diode YAG YAG Doubled YAG Harmonics IPL Thulium Tunable Diode Visible Alignment Fiber Laser Diode Alignment