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  • IAR Systems launches starter kit for ColdFire
    The development board in IAR KickStart Kit for ColdFire integrates a Freescale MCF52223 microcontroller and features a 2x16 character LCD screen, 16 LEDs, 4 buttons (GPIO) and PWM to buzzer. External connections include: a JTAG-BDM26 connector; I2C routed to header pins ; 3 UART connectors (DB9); SPI �
  • Switch Circuits free electronic circuit links
    AVR 2x16 LCD & 4x4 keypad driver -� A very simple circuit to experiment with AT90S2313, 2x16 LCD display and 4x4 keypad. "F" are typed to the LCD with numbers 10- 16 . Because the AVR have only 15 I/O pins we are working the LCD display with 4-bit �
  • Application of CMAC and FPGA to a twin rotor MIMO system
    The command output is a 16 -bit signal that will be converted to analog voltage by a � The specifications of Cyclone II Starter Kit are 16M Bytes SDRAM Memory, 4.8 M Bytes Flash Memory, 2X16 Character LCD Module, PS2 Keyboard Interface, RS232 Serial Communication Port � � 8 LEDs, 50 MHz Oscillator, Provide 185 In/Out Pin , and 128 shareable In/Out �
  • Designing an FPGA-based graphics controller
    � I used a light-emitting diode (LED) to indicate a Logic 1 value on an output pin . � that came 7-segment displays; still later were liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with 2x16 characters (that was � Some of us even played with simple black-and-white graphic LCDs . � a resolution of 800 x 600 = 480,000 pixels, a color depth of 16 bits = 65,535 �
  • Xilinx Delivers Spartan-3AN Starter Kit for Rapid Evaluation of Consumer, Communication Infrastructure and Industrial Applications
    The evaluation board features a 700K system gate FPGA, and is fully equipped with subsystems such as 10/100 Ethernet PHY, 64Mbytes DDR2 SDRAM, two 16 Mbit serial flash, ADC and DAC circuitry, a 2x16 LCD display for debugging, various switches, a rotary � All devices are pin -compatible with Spartan-3A FPGAs.
  • Learning and practicing fundamentals of electrical and computer engineering through building and programming a microcontroller with multiple peripherals
    The students will need to use an ohmmeter to find out how the pins are connected to � The keypad is scanning 16 times to see if one of the 16 keys has been depressed. III.6 A Real-Time Clock with an LCD Display (Figure 5 � that has buttons to set second, minute and hour and display on a 2X16 character LCD with �
  • Inoculation Monitoring Device
    For vaccine sequence, it is required to generate the interrupt at �int� pins which has been connected � Hardware components include the LCD display, buzzer for reminder, and a pre-recorded 2x16 LCD which is shown in fig.2 has been used in this model to display data � It is possible to display 16 characters in each of the two rows.
  • Intelligent system for monitoring and controlling environmental parameters for spaces intended for telecommunications equipment
    � 36 pins for low voltage logical and analogical signals and one of 5 pins for -48V supply. The characteristics of MCF51JM64 microcontroller allowed the implementation of the following operational units in DATA LOGGER module: - LCD Display with 2 lines with 16 characters ; -Interface of micro SD memory CARD; -Real time clock and calendar; - EEPROM-type memory, for constants, with � ? LCD display 2x16 characters The LCD display, model DEM16216SYH-PY, is a liquid crystal display with �
  • A systematic approach to software peripherals for embedded systems
    � the described solution is the large number of pins that should be used (4+8=12 pins ). c) Finally, we study the case of a dot matrix LCD controller. Thus, for a 2x16 character display, where each character has 8x5 dots. the calculatedtimerfrequencyis: Timerfresuency=60*(2*8)*( 16 *5)=76800Hz .
  • Wide-range portable dosimeter based on microcontroller
    Hitachi LMO16 ( 2x16 ) ECD module is used as alphanumericreadout. Output pulses from the detector are fed through a shaping circuit to pin 26 on 8OC535 PLCC68 � LCD assembly routine (7) is linked to the program (1cd.h) to handle connmunication with LCD module. line-lcd(1); for (j = 0; j I= 16 ; I++) { .