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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LED-DPLY AmericanMicroSemi AMS NTE Partnumber and ECG Partnumber: LED-DPLY LED-DPLY LED-DPLY pdf LED-DPLY datasheet NTE LED-DPLY LED-DPLY 0.00 American Microsemiconductor LED-DPLY available at 0.00. FREE UPS ground shipping or more.
LED-MC AmericanMicroSemi AMS NTE Partnumber and ECG Partnumber: LED-MC LED-MC LED-MC pdf LED-MC datasheet NTE LED-MC LED-MC 0.00 American Microsemiconductor LED-MC available at 0.00. FREE UPS ground shipping or more.
LED-MC3 AmericanMicroSemi AMS NTE Partnumber and ECG Partnumber: LED-MC3 LED-MC3 LED-MC3 pdf LED-MC3 datasheet NTE LED-MC3 LED-MC3 0.00 American Microsemiconductor LED-MC3 available at 0.00. FREE UPS ground shipping or more.

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  • LED Measurements
    Since it is possible to manufacture Light Emitting Diodes in a wide variety of colors and brightness, it is also necessary to accurately measure their optical characteristics. There are two ways of measuring LED's, photometry and radiometry. Photometry only relates to visible radiation, like
  • LED Lighting Manufacturing
    Encapsulating LED modules.
  • Power Supplies for LED Driving
    Power Supplies for LED Driving. Including detailed examples of what works and why, this practical, hands-on book covers the design trade-offs involved in LED driving applications, from low-power to UB-LEDs and beyond.
  • What is an LED Light Pipe?
    An LED Light Pipe is a practical solution to conduct light from board-mounted LED(s) to the exterior, or in some cases, a photodetector.
  • LED Backlights Done Right
    LED backlights offer numerous advantages over CCFL backlights. General Digital's serial-parallel design allows the display to be used in the event of LED failure.
  • LED Lamp Selection
    LED lamps emit different colors (wavelengths) depending on the materials they are made of. LED lamps based on public standards, for example, LED lamps for specialized traffic signals or automotive stop lamps, frequently use a standardized bulb as the light source.
  • LED s Shine On
    8226; LEDs now go into critical and safety applications. * Power surges and ESD events can destroy LEDs. * Open-LED protectors bypass power around defective LEDs. The light-emitting-diode (LED) lighting market is growing quickly, thanks in part to aggressive global government mandates. LEDs now go
  • Precautions for using LED Lamps
    The characteristics of a LED lamp change according to the chip temperature (Tj: the temperature of the junction emitting the light).
  • Complementary LED Drive
    Light Emitting Diodes, or LED's, are discrete components able to produce light when a current passes through them. Most microcontroller designs use one or more LED's. This application highlights the utility of driving multiple LED's with a minimum number of I/O pins. Typically, each I/O drives
  • Controlled LED's (.pdf)
    For better testing of LED's on printed boards, a company searched for a new image processing system which consisted of hardware and software. Finally, they found the best solution offered from MATRIX VISION.