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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
83832001 Digi-Key Crouzet Switches Switches LIMIT SWITCH ROLLER LEVEL TYPE

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  • Switch Tips: Float-level switches
    near the hinge. In the usual application mode, a rising fluid level moves the arm nearer the horizontally mounted stem. Once in close proximity, the magnets actuate a reed switch in the stem. Bent stem float-level switches are also designed for installation on the tank side. They consist
  • Switch Tips: Electro-Optic Level Switches
    or which leaves a solid residue. These switches typically sense liquid level to within +-1 mm. They operate from 4 to 20 mA at 5 or 12 Vdc with no load. Most of this power is consumed by the LED. All their components are solid state. Switch outputs are compatible with TTL and CMOS circuitry. Open
  • Optical Level Switch Selection and Wiring Notes (.pdf)
    . Vacuum. High Current. Ultra-Low Pressure. Low Water Level. High-Pressure Differential. HVAC. Ultra-Sensitive Differential. Actuator Pressure Switch. General Purpose OEM Pressure Switch. Temperature. Thermocouples. RTD/Thermistors. Bi-metal Switches. Contact Us. Name: Email Message
  • Application: Automobile Brake Float Level Sensor (.pdf)
    is. maintained at its proper level. Low brake fluid level could mean the loss of the. vehicle braking system. Figure 1. Complete Brake Float Level Sensor. Features. • All inclusive brake fluid sensor complete with. switching element (Reed Switch), Float, and. magnet. • Hermetically sealed. • Dynamically
  • Application: Fuel Tank Multiple Level Detection (.pdf)
    All trucks and automobiles currently utilizing internal combustion engines have fuel tanks. To the driver of the fueled motor vehicle, one of the most important instruments on his front panel is his fuel gage. It is important that the gage provides an accurate reading of the fuel level. To properly
  • WorldCom has it all
    shareholders. But analysts said the company may just be able to pull it off. Why? Using MFS' local fiber networks, WorldCom could. WorldCom has it all. Search /. Docfinder: Advanced search | Help | Site map. RESEARCH CENTERS. Applications. Careers. Convergence. Data Center. LANs. Net/Systems Mgmt. NOSes
  • How to select a Pressure Switch
    switch characteris-. pressure switches have. tics. This allows you to optimize accuracy, life, ease of use, and other. important features as they relate to your specific needs. All you need. their own unique lan-. to know is the advantages and limitations each pressure switch design. guage
  • Basic Switches Are Not Created Equal
    . success in the marketplace. Common Terminal. * This switch is one in the Honeywell V7 series of precision switches. While there are hundreds of styles and designs,. While not all Honeywell switches have these features, you’ll see 65. focusing on the basic precision industrial switch will. years of quality