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  • High-Sensitivity Simultaneous Analysis of Inorganic Gases and Light Hydrocarbons
    This Data Sheet introduces an example of the high-sensitivity simultaneous analysis of inorganic gases and light. hydrocarbons utilizing the Shimadzu Tracera High-Sensitivity Gas Chromatograph system.
  • The On-Line Detection of Oxides of Nitrogen in Light Hydrocarbon Streams
    Producers of high purity monomers (ethylene) have identified the. need to measure the presence of Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX) at very. low PPB levels, and take steps to avoid potentially hazardous. conditions, in the Cold Box.
  • Hydrocarbon Storage Facility
    The town of Mont Belview, Texas, is located along the gulf coast. This geographic region is recognized for the vast underground salt cavern storage facilities. A number of refineries are also located in this area. Many of the companies specialize in the production of light hydrocarbon products
  • Palladium/Rhodium Dual-Catalyst LEV 2 and Bin 4 Close-Coupled Emission Solutions
    hydrocarbon and NOx light-off and transient NOx control.
  • Organoclays Trap Incalcitrant Metals and Organic Compounds in Sediments Simultaneously (.pdf)
    at an old MGP site (from a power and light company). Laboratory column tests and batch tests with organoclays have revealed that a standard, non-polar organoclay fixates all heavy metals, including lead, zinc, nickel, chrome and cadmium, but also inorganic acqueous mercury. In terms of organic hydrocarbons
  • Heater Selection - Oil Heating
    are. recommended for heating light weight oils. (SAE 10 to SAE 30). For medium weight oils. (gear oils, etc.), 12-15 W/in2 are suggested. Bunker C, tar, asphalt and other highly viscous. oils may require 6-8 W/in2 or less to prevent. carbonization, particularly if not under fl owing. conditions. Some oils may have
  • Oil and Gas Industry
    few carbon atoms and include methane, ethane and propane found in natural gas. Paraffins are light in density and are very stable compounds.
  • Synthetic Lubricants For Medical Devices
    in the gear motor and the other where mating parts slide on the frame. A subfractional horsepower electric gearmotor by Autotrol Corp., Crystal Lake, Ill., powers the TEG Analyzer. Gearing lubrication is a light, thixotropic, synthetic hydrocarbon grease. High-speed dental drills use synthetic hydrocarbon

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