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  • Saving Fuel with Environmentally Friendly Welding of Liquid Vapor Separators Using Lasers
    Using Lasers. Liquid Vapor Separator (LVS). Saving gasoline is what counts!. methods, including the LVS. The LVS is located between the. The automobile industry is assuming a leading role in envi-. tank and an activated carbon fi lter where it separates liquid. ronmentally friendly technology as R & D
  • Liquid & Gas Flow Measurement For Oil/Gas FPSO Vessels
    , and small weight and space footprint. The V-Cone Flow Meter supports line sizes from 0.5 to 120 inches or greater with most types of end connections, can be manufactured out of almost any material and to almost any pressure rating. Protect Your Pump and Keep It Longer. Liquid & Gas Flow Measurement
  • How to Buy a Cyclonic Dust Separator
    knew if they build a vessel that caused a liquid or a gas to flow in the circular motion of a whirlpool, tornado or cyclone, the heaviest/densest portion of the carrier fluid or conveyed foreign particles would be cast to the outside of the curved path. ./d6835f01-18d2-45ac-8a1a-c0dad641d16f
  • Centrifugal (Centrifuge) Separation
    Centrifugal separators provide liquid/solids or liquid/liquid separation at various stages in many separation processes, from course separation to ultra-clarification. Typically solids removal is using a clarifier, whereas liquid/liquid is using a separator. Centrifugal (Centrifuge) Separation
  • Draining a Pressure Vessel - A No Brainer?
    There are lots of liquid collection points in a compressed air treatment system. Moisture separators. Coalescing filters. Wet receiver tanks. Dryers. All of these must be drained. It seems like an easy task, right? It should be a no brainer. After all, how could draining a tank take any thought
  • Space Shuttle Refueling Operation Case Study
    in diameter, and holds 1.3 million pounds of liquid oxygen and 227,000 pounds of liquid hydrogen. Test technicians and engineers first pressurize the tank to approximately 6 psig and check for leaks. The tank is then purged with nitrogen gas over a three to four hour period, after which a dew point
  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filtration Control & Monitoring
    . Constituents. Clays. Colloids. Diatomaceous Earth (DE). Misc. Filter Media. Organic Particulate. PVPP. Background Medium. Process Liquid. Home. About optek. Photometry. Products. Applications. Events. Contact Us. View website in German. View website in English. View website in Español. email our
  • AERCO Helps JFK Library and Museum Join the High Efficiency Age
    ability to operate safely in condensing mode can increase the system's efficiency by as much as 11%-12%. When loop temperatures drop below 130 F, water vapor in the combustion gases is forced into a liquid state, releasing latent energy. The Benchmark's stainless steel heat exchanger is specifically

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