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  • Polyurethane
    . The noncellular grades - millable gums and viscous, castable, liquid urethanes are elastomeric thermoset types, processed by conventional rubber methods. These are discussed in the chapter, Thermoset rubber. Grades processed by thermoplastic methods are covered in the chapter, Thermoplastic elastomers
  • The Importance of Temperature Control in Liquid Molding
    with unusually hot, humid weather that can wreak havoc on the liquid molding process.  Thermoset polyurethane resins, which are by far the most widely used materials for this process, are particularly sensitive to moisture. Isocyanate compounds, used as the reactive ingredients in these formulations
  • Glossary of Tems for Technical Foams
    , mechanical interlocking, or a combination of both. Aerosol. A suspension of extremely fine liquid droplets in a gas, usually air. AFI Filter Tester. Air Filtration Institute test equipment utilized to evaluate a filter media such as reticulated polyurethane foam for its ability to filter particles from
  • Foam-friendly fridges
    and water generates carbon dioxide and heat. The physical blowing agent then gets vaporized, and bubbles form in the liquid. Gases within the bubbles expand from heating, and air in the cavity gets displaced as the foam expands. The foam becomes more viscous as reactions progress. Shown is a typical pour
  • The Detection of Stud Line Cracking in Metal Stud Walls (.pdf)
    and the other component is a complex liquid blend of physical and chemical blowing agents,. polyols, diluents, foam stabilizing agents, catalysts and fire retardant additives. The two component system is separately. heated while being transferred in pre-heated hoses at elevated pressures to a handheld
  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Reaction injection molding (RIM) creates parts by using impingement mixing to combine reactive liquid intermediates as they enter a mold. RIM differs from traditional injection molding because it forms solid parts by cross-linking or polymerization in the mold
  • Think cast urethane for feedpath components
    and modulus strength, and excellent compression set. Each base can be formulated for a wide range of resiliency and coefficients of friction. The materials are custom compounded by mixing what's called an isocyanate with a polyol. This liquid-phase prepolymer is mixed with curative and poured
  • Medical Device Link .
    Designed to protect wounds and promote healing, a line of silicones is suited for use in wound-care applications. In addition to its biocompatibility, purity, and performance characteristics, Silpuran liquid silicone rubber features good vapor permeability that yields breathable medical dressings