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  • Determining Power Requirements when Planning a Solar Electric System
    A key step in defining the size of a solar electric or photovoltaic (PV) system is to first. determine the power requirements of the equipment to be powered (the load). These two. elements have a direct, linear relationship. If the load doubles, the sizes of the PV array. (solar modules
  • Solar Electric Systems - Power Reliability for 24/7 Operation - Part 2 (.pdf)
    Proper engineering (or sizing) is an important part of reliable. power solutions. Once the load parameters are identified (see. Part 1 of Power Reliability for 24/7 Operation), the solar designer then. uses information such as regional weather conditions (i.e. seasonal. temperatures, sun
  • Use of the AccuPAR to Quantify Effects of Riparian Vegetation Removal on Stream Energy Balance (.pdf)
    When the vegetation along a stream bank is removed, the solar load on the stream increases. This results in increased stream water temperature. Elevated stream temperatures degrade freshwater habitats, shifting species composition, and often endangering some of the species that live in the stream
  • Guidelines for High Reliability Remote Power System Design
    , but often overlooked gathering of accurate load information, how to accurately size a solar system and elect the proper solar array and battery bank, how to select reliable components, how to minimize field and installation errors, efficiently use materials, basics on DC-UPS systems, hazardous locations
  • Medical Device Link .
    through transfusion, but it has recently become apparent that nucleic acid amplification technology narrows the seroconversion windows. While FDA-approved PCR-based assays for the quantitation of HIV-1 viral load exist, there are currently no FDA-approved nucleic acid amplification tests for HIV-1
  • Stiff Competition
    All thermoplastic composites aren't created equal. A systematic material-selection process will help ensure composites perform as expected and don't break the bank in the process. Edited by Jean M. Hoffman Long-fiber compounds provide numerous benefits over steel, such as weight reduction
  • Water Jet Cutting Machine - Tough Environment
    is calendared to thickness in wide slabs that is then slit to 6-8" widths as the slab is fed underneath a bank of water jet cutters. The feeding of the slab is stopped at a cross-cutting station where the leading edge and then the trailing edge of each slab is trimmed by a water jet cutter that traverses across
  • Designing with Thermally Protected TMOV Varistors in TVSS Applications (.pdf)
    Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are commonly used to suppress transients in many applications such as: Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), AC Power Taps, AC Power Meters or other products. Lightning, inductive load switching, or capacitor bank switching
  • Nipping valve-train noise in the virtual bud
    Software roots out design flaws before building pricey prototypes. The PV6 valve-train (right engine bank) simulation models 38 separate components. A simulation snapshot reveals valve-stem deformation -- in reality, too small to see -- exaggerated for clarity. Load dropping to zero indicates

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