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  • Butterfly Valves in Compressed Air & Vacuum Services
    . If they do, and the application is a low pressure one, about 50 PSI or less, the Hayward butterfly valve should do the job. One thing to remember though is that the soft elastomer liner of the butterfly valve will have a tendency to dry out and harden in compressed air or gas service. This will make
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Valves
    even at very low back pressures. Proprietary design of the one-way flow element allows this check valve to have a much greater flow rate than duckbill, ball-check, or disk-type valves. The valves are made from medical-grade plastic and silicone materials that can be EtO or gamma sterilized. Steam
  • The Basics of Pressure Regulators
    outlet pressures are required or when outlet pressures are not held to a tight tolerance. For increased accuracy and low pressure applications, a diaphragm style design is preferred. Regulator Accuracy and Capacity: The accuracy of a regulator is typically defined by charting a given outlet pressure
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Pumps and Valves
    port connections can be specified for zero backflow on all configurations. In addition to offering valves that open at low pressure, the firm has introduced a high-pressure version for injection pumps and related applications. The product range also includes a check valve with enhanced resistance
  • General Industry Solenoid Valves Installation and Troubleshooting
    . For pilot operated valves. The same as above plus: 6. Differential pressure too low. 6. This factor should be considered when choosing a valve. It may occur due to over-sizing or reduction of differential pressure. If differential pressure cannot be increased by increasing the flow, the valve must
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Pumps and Valves
    with proprietary design elements, includes normally closed, dual, and low-pressure check valves. In-line, antisiphon, and aspiration models are also offered. The company can supply custom designs with alternate connections and pressure ratings. B. Braun Medical, Melsungen, Germany. Piston pump A rocking piston
  • Guide to Pressure Transducer Selection
    connector or. cable could put the transducer out of service. 2. Never poke the diaphragm of a low-capacity transducer with a pencil point or. other stiff object. 3. This could damage the diaphragm, which in turn would affect transducer. performance. 4. Do tighten the transducer well, making certain
  • Advancements in Wet-to-Wet Pressure Sensing
    and material. costs to become more competitive and profitable. A case in point is the wet-to-wet differential pressure transducer. These. sensors measure the difference between high-side pressure and low-. side pressure of chillers, pumps, heating loops and more. This. measurement is a key indicator
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Vacuum Accessories and Systems
    , modern low pressure. positive displacement vacuum pumps are efficient enough to remove about 95 percent of. the atmospheric pressure in a chamber. That is, the equipment can provide a pressure. difference (vacuum) of up to 13.8 psi. 89. Figure 48. Units. PSIG. PSIA. In. Hg. 0. 14.7. 0. Atmospheric
  • Measurement and Control of Compressed Air Systems (.pdf)
    dependent on whether the user wishes to connect into a data acquisition system or simply provide a local display of the. measured dewpoint. Increasingly, transmitters are used for this application, being easy to install, relatively low cost and offering a. standard milliamp output signal that is suitable

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