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  • How to Select a Low Noise Fan
    Horsepower (Not motor horsepower). The formula is given here to demonstrate the fact that the tip speed of the blades is by far the strongest indicator of the noise a fan will produce. To select a low noise fan, therefore, it is most effective to reduce the tip speed by lowering the RPM which can be done
  • AC Induction Motor Fundamentals
    AC induction motors are the most common motors used in industrial motion control systems, as well as in main powered home appliances. Simple and rugged design, low-cost, low maintenance and direct connection to an AC power source are the main advantages of AC induction motors. Various types of AC
  • Cowern Papers: Motor Basics
    a. “spongy” characteristic when loads are changing. Design D motors are particularly suited for low. speed, punch press applications and hoist and. elevator applications. Generally, the efficiency of. Design D motors at full load is rather poor and. thus they are normally used on those applications. where
  • Brush DC Motor Basics (.pdf)
    technology surpasses by far the performance of conventional ironcore brushed DC motors. The main. advantages of this unique concept are: absence of iron losses, low friction and a good thermal dissipation resulting in a. very efficient motor meaning a perfect choice for battery operated equipment
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Motors
    for precision dispensing of respiratory drugs in spray form. The IM3000 motor also features Class F insulation, low noise levels, and a long service life. EMD Electric Motor Developments, Halstead, Essex, UK. Direct-drive motors Brushless, frameless motors that provide precise and smooth
  • Empowering Proper Selection of Motor Technology
    to those of brushless DC. motors, steppers must be sized to accommodate “worst-case” peak loading, which can require a. relatively large package. Since steppers are good at delivering high torque at low speed, they. offer the potential to eliminate the need for a gearbox, yielding an overall smaller
  • Empowering Proper Selection of Motor Technology
    , hysteresis, and viscous losses. • Holding Torque Capability. Whether brush or brushless, an unenergized motor’s ability to hold a load will depend on its cogging and friction torque, which usually are low. Holding capacity can be increased using a gear reducer to amplify the holding torque reflected
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Motors
    more than 1000 autoclave cycles. The motors are available in sizes 5, 8, and 10 with operating voltages ranging from 12 to 48 V dc. They attain speeds from 3000 to 100,000 rpm. Gearheads can be specified in sizes 5 and 8 with ratios from 3:1 to 256:1. The low-noise motors feature numerous