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  • WD Bearings Application: Electric Motors
    WD bearings used in electric motors always have high speed, high precision, long life, reliabity,and low noise. The different types of electric motors that using bearings are defined here.
  • Lorentz forces shrink motor size
    a 14-in. e-Torq motor can deliver more than 700 N-m torque and speeds to 6,000 rpm. Traditional brushless electric motors are designed around principles based on Faraday's Law which defines the behavior of attractive and repulsive forces between two inter-acting magnetic fields. For example, permanent
  • Air motor operation at the highest energy efficiency
    for a manual device or a complex industrial system. Because of its compact size and low weight an air-motor offers an outstanding power density, since it represents only 1/3rd of the size and 1/5th of the mass of a standard electric motor having a comparable power output. Air motors can be used
  • 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid
    GM showcased its front-wheel-drive, two-mode hybrid technology in its 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line. The SUV contains two electric motors, a gas engine, and four fixed-ratio planet gears. One motor usually acts as a generator to keep the nickel-metalhydride battery pack charged. But under load
  • Wheel may fly high
    /epoxy composites for the flywheel's rotor, low-loss magnets for the bearings, high-speed electric motors and generators for energy conversion, and computer algorithms for motion control. This particular flywheel, enclosed in an aluminum vacuum vessel, consists of a high-speed brushless dc motor, upper
  • Medical Device Link .
    of the motors in relation to their electric performance can be described as small. A life-limiting element in all DC motors is the bearings of the motor shaft. The front bearing in particular will be subjected to dynamic loads, which may be high depending on the application. A mid-size
  • Straighten up and go linear
    with ball-screw systems, and changes as the system ages. They can be fairly inexpensive if high accuracy isn't required. High-accuracy, low-backlash ball screws are costly and require a great deal of maintenance. Linear motors now offer a better option, particularly in applications where speed and accuracy
  • Belts
    such as on electric motors in combination with fans, pumps, conveyors, and so on. However, suppliers recommend a field test to assure proper belt performance when speeds, loads, or both vary significantly, or when customer operating practices are not accurately predicted. The following

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