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  • WD Bearings Application: Electric Motors
    used in large machineries, fans, pumps, compressors, rolling mill and some miniature equipments. Therefore, WD energy bearings, with high speed, low noise and long life, are available in synchronous electric motors. Asynchronous Electric Motor. Asynchronous electric motors, with compact design, low
  • Electric Current Abroad
    electricity supply differs from the one the appliance was designed for, contact Visicomm for frequency converters. Some foreign hotels have circuits providing approximately 120 volts which allow guests to use electric shavers and other low-wattage U.S. appliances. The information presented here
  • Challenges in Electric Power Measurement
    Leads. Ground Resistance Tester. LAN Speed Test. Low Resistance Ohmmeter. Oscilloscope. Power Analyzers. Power Quality Analysis. Power Supplies. Resistance Boxes. Tachometers/Stroboscopes. Transformer Testing. Universal Programmers. Technical Articles. Insulation Resistance Tester. Low resistance
  • The Case for Electric Motors in Unmanned Vehicle (.pdf)
    of conventional. For four-wheel drive UGV’s, the ring motor delivers. brushless motors. While the only remaining parasitic. enough peak and high torque at low speed to. losses are the eddy current losses (AC losses) that. eliminate gearboxes and drive trains. The ring. exist in the ring motor’s coil
  • Isolation Device in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Application - White Paper (.pdf)
    rather than. the gasoline engine. Gate Drive /. Low Noise. Pre-Amplifier. • Reduced emissions. Digital. Optocouplers. - +. - +. Isolation. - +. - +. Amplifier. Current monitor. Microprocessor /. Micro-controller. Temp Sensor. monitor. Figure 3a. Electric Motor Drive System. R. Vs+. e. s. i. s. t. o.
  • Cowern Papers: Motor Basics
    in loads having characteristics requiring low torque at low. speeds and increasing values of torque as the speed is increased. Typical examples of. variable torque loads are centrifugal fans and centrifugal pumps. PHASE. Phase is the indication of the type of power supply for which the motor is designed
  • Brushed DC Motor Fundamentals
    : LOW-SIDE BDC MOTOR. FIGURE 5: COMPOUND-WOUND DC. DRIVE CIRCUIT. MOTORS. VCC. Series. Brush. Field. DC. Shunt. Voltage. BDC. D1. Field. Supply. Armature. Motor. R1. BASIC DRIVE CIRCUITS. T. o. Controller. Drive circuits are used in applications where a control-. R2. ler of some kind is being used and speed
  • Mathematics of Electronic Motor Control
    control of multi-phase motors. The AC induction motor is the workhorse of most household goods because it is easy to control and is very low-cost. In its simplest configuration it plugs directly into the wall with a minimum of electronics in the motor. But to increase motor efficiency and improve

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