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  • Filling Machines-Image
    Filling Machines - (596 companies)
    Filling machines and packing machines fill containers such as bags, bottles, and cans with a predetermined volume of product, such as food, cosmetics, or medicine. Filling machines and packer machines fill containers such as bags, bottles, and cans... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Leveling and Filling Compounds-Image
    Leveling and Filling Compounds - (217 companies)
    Leveling and filling compounds are used to level surfaces, fill cavities, and shim or set machinery. They often have filling and sealing properties. There are several basic types of leveling and filling compounds. Floor leveling resins, liquid shims... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Laboratory Bottles - (126 companies)
    Image Credit: U.S. Plastic Corporation. Laboratory bottles are chemically-resistant containers used for holding and dispensing fluids. They are used in chemical storage, labware cleaning, and other laboratory applications. Types of Laboratory... Learn More
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    Bags and Sacks - (861 companies)
    ...or polyethylene (either coated or uncoated) that come in several shapes for specific types of loads. When used as bags and sacks, they can be configured to make filling and discharging their contents quick and easy. Special Types and their Use. Bags and sacks... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Plant Growth Chambers - (28 companies)
    ...are often used in research applications. The provide lighting for vascular plants, and are used in plant pathology research, seed development, and many other applications. Reach-in plant growth chambers can have swinging, flip-open, or sliding doors... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Plant Maintenance Software - (85 companies)
    Plant Maintenance Software Information. Plant maintenance software is used to keep track of the maintenance history and the planning of maintenance in industrial plants. Plant maintenance software is often referred to as a computerized maintenance... Learn More
  • Plant Management Software - (67 companies)
    ...of industrial facilities. Modular and integrated systems enable factories, production facilities, and processing plants to manage both daily activities and long-term operations. Typically, plant management software consists of enterprise elements that can... Learn More
  • Form, Fill, and Seal Machines - (506 companies)
    Packaging materials include aerosol containers, bags and pouches, blister packs, bottles and jars, cartons and boxes, cans, capsules, cartridges, cases, cups and trays, drums and kegs, pallets and pails, and tubes and vials. Intermediate bulk... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Planters - (69 companies)
    Planters Information. Planters are designed to plant seeds, seedlings, and bulbs, and to grow garden plants, flowers, trees and shrubs, vines, native grasses, fruits and vegetables. There are many types of products. Examples include planters... Learn More
  • Capping Machines - (198 companies)
    Capping machines are used to secure caps onto bottles and drums. There are three basic types of equipment: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. Manual capping machines aid in the setting or holding of products. Operators are responsible for most... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Monitoring of Hydrocarbon Emissions in a Petroleum Refinery
    LPG bottling plant During filling (near Carousal .
  • Calibration World 1-2013
    The company’s main customers are power plants, cement plants, steel plants, edible oils plants, LPG bottling plants and filling stations, Indian oil depots, railway wagon repair shops, the medical sector and calibration and testing laboratories.
  • BP Announces Plan To Sell Its Global LPG Bottles And Tank Filling Business
    Also included in the sale are LPG storage terminals, bottle filling plants , customer lists, operating licences and logistics assets.
  • BP Announces Plan To Sell Its Global LPG Bottles And Tank Filling Business
    Also included in the sale are LPG storage terminals, bottle filling plants , customer lists, operating licences and logistics assets.
  • Locating and sizing plants for bottling propane in south India - ePrints@IISc
    Dealers replenish their stocks of filled cylinders from bottling plants , which in turn receive LPG in bulk from the cheaper of SSLPG's two import-and-storage facilities that are located on the Indian coast.
  • The Argentina LPG Law: A Necessity That Cannot Be Postponed
    The owner of the fractionating plant is responsible for the filling of LPG containers delivered to distributors or end consumers. Bottling companies shall have an authorization number granted by the enforcement authority and they shall identify all...
  • Case Studies in Food Engineering
    ...guided saws, 116 Layout (facility), 172–175 Leavening, 5, 23, 25, 28, 29, 106, 107 of refrigerated biscuit dough in tubes, 107 Life-cycle analysis, 154 Liquefied petroleum gas ( LPG ), 185 Liquid scrubber, 119... ...acid beverages in plastic bottles , 77 See also Continuous... ...and drying, 119–120 forming, 117–118 slicing and packaging, 120 Meat processing, 113–114, 164 plants , sanitary design of... (MTTR) Muffins (English), 24 Muffins, freezing of food service, 107–108 Multi-shot filling , 72, 73 MVR...
  • States > Illinois > State > Proposed Regulations > 2008 Documents > June 20, 2008 > [2008 IL Proposed il-20080620-0067-0006211] 41 Ill. Admin. Code 200 - Stora...
    ...or Department of Transportation Containers (Repealed)

    200.160 Cylinder System Installations ( Bottled Gas) (Repealed)
  • The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology - Index
    ...scission reactions, 661–663 stages, 660–664 termination, 661–662 time course, 664 Liquefied petroleum gas ( LPG ), aerosol propellants, 1040–1044... sealed container filling system, 447 unbalanced-pressure fillers, 448–449 unsealed containers, 449–451 Liquid paperboard, light protection from... See also Linear lowdensity polyethylene (LLDPE) closure systems, bottles and jars, 278 coextrusion processing, 307–308 density, 988... ...mold materials, 589 operating principles, 587–588 packaging features, 592–593 part ejection, 588–589 power plant , 590–591 processing techniques...
  • Renewable carbon-based transportation fuels
    Therefore, the LPG infrastructure can be utilized with minor modifications, i.e. ocean transport in liquid form by LPG tankers and subsequent distribution as either a refrigerated liquid or in pressurized tanks and LPG-style gas bottles . ...for heavy-load vehicle traffic, as it would require only a relatively low number of filling stations. ...material costs from about 0.02 to 0.03 €/kWh [04Spe] for energy plants are comparable to...
  • Distortion of the end of a full drum liquid chlorine - issue 168
    Review and rationalization of the drum filling log sheet and record keeping procedure. This particular change could probably have been successfully assessed in advance by plant operational and supervisory personnel... Exactly the same issue exists for LPG , where strict control of the volume=weight is exercised at bottling plants.
  • Emissions of greenhouse gases from the use of transportation fuels and electricity. Volume 2: Appendixes A--S
    ...assumethat 5% of the total LPG production moves by ocean-goingtanker (Iassumethat this LPG comes fiom Algeria... In the base case, I assume compression from low-pressure distribution lines to high-pressure (3,600 psi) cascade storage bottles for fast- fill stationsbecause if a CNG station is to be successful, it will have to be "fast-fill" and be... ...depend on the efficiency of electricity generation and the fuels used by electricity plants supplying the compressors.