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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
7MC90C Radwell Magne Corporation Drives, Dynamic Brake CLUTCH MAGNETIC 7LB/FT 3600RPM
MC4D032 Radwell Warner Electric Not Provided MAGNETIC CAPPER CLUTCH
MPC70002 Radwell Warner Electric Not Provided SPECIAL MAGNETIC CLUTCH
MPB240005 Radwell Warner Electric Not Provided MAGNETIC CLUTCH-20MM BORE
M6011 Radwell Danaher Motion Not Provided MAGNETIC CLUTCH
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  • Engineering and Design Notes for Clutches and Brakes
    with mechanical operation imposes a great burden on the design engineer in the form of additional knowledge of components that cross the discrete line of difference between electronic and mechanical parts. Electro-magnetic clutches and brakes are one of the most used and least understood of these components
  • Clutches and Brakes
    infinitely by varying the input current, the magnetic particle clutches and brakes are ideal in an open loop system. To close the loop in the tensioning system, combine the magnetic particle clutch or brake with a Warner (R) sensor and control, resulting in more precise control of tension.
  • Electric clutches on the go
    and basic design easily incorporate into mobile equipment, providing flexibility, safety, and cost savings on gas and diesel engines. Mobile clutches typically consist of three major subassemblies. The field assembly is the coil and backing flange that provides magnetic flux to engage the clutch
  • The Basics of Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes
    on magnetic field strength, air gap, and inertia. * Burnishing increases initial clutch or brake torque, and overexcitation cuts response time. Getting a grip on clutch and brake selection , " MACHINE DESIGN, Sept. 9, 1999 People use electromagnetic (EM) clutches and brakes every day and often don't
  • Clutch/brake chops blade power
    single-flux types of the same size. That's important because the mowers have limited space. In single-flux electromagnetic clutches, an armature touches the north and the south poles to complete a magnetic circuit. The double-flux design boosts holding power by virtue of a slotted rotor and armature
  • Getting A Grip On Clutch And Brake Selection
    with the diode is much higher than that of the diode's forward resistance so current flows into the diode and dissipates quickly. Tell a junior engineer to pick an electro-magnetic friction clutch for a new application and all you may get is a look of confusion. But choosing the right clutch is easier than
  • Magnetic Particle Clutch Used in Amusement Game
  • Ogura Electromagnetic Particle Clutch Helps Build a Solid Foundation
    In the October issue of Design News, there was an article featuring Oguras OPC-80 magnetic particle clutch for a system that helps detect bedrock for anchoring oil platforms.

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