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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
NAU34X312MP PLC Radwell Phd Inc Pneumatics, Pneumatic Cylinder REED SWITCH MAGNETIC PISTON FLOW CONTROL B/ENDS
7401D5A1F1AGAA PLC Radwell Brooks Instrument Sensors & Switches, Magnet FLOW TUBE 40VDC/0.5AMP IN 5V OUT MAGNETIC
8000PB10G PLC Radwell Foxboro Sensors & Switches, Transmitter MAGNETIC FLOW TRANSMITTER 220VAC 30VA 4-20MA OUT
AXF050CE1AL1LAA1 PLC Radwell Yokogawa Sensors & Switches, Flow Meter FLOWMETER MAGNETIC 50MM 4MPA 100-120VDC 100-240VAC
50XM13NXAD11AABC PLC Radwell Abb Sensors & Switches, Flow Meter MAGNETIC FLOWMETER SIGNAL CONVERTER 120V 0-1500GPM
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  • Magnetic Contacts 101 (.pdf)
    A reed switch is the heart of a magnetic contact. It is nothing more than a simple switch that turns on and off with a magnet. Tane Alarm Products: Magnetic Contacts 101. Home. About Tane. Product Index. Recessed Contacts. Surface Mount Contacts. Commercial Contacts. Overhead / Track Mount Contacts
  • Magnetic Alternative to Optical Encoding
    America Sensors & Encoders. Request a Custom Quote Call Us: 888-801-1422HomeAbout UsContact Us. Products. Magnetic Sensors. Magnetic Encoders. Targets. Flow Sensing. Hardware. Custom Molded Magnets. Technologies. Hall Effect. MR - Magento-Resistive. VR Variable-Reluctance. Reed Switch. Inductive. Motor
  • Why Our Float Magnetic Field is Superior
    the flags, switches and other devices." This is all true, but did you ever wonder why simply pushing the two north magnetic fields together makes the Jerguson design superior to all other Magnetic Gage manufacturers?. Microsoft PowerPoint - ITP 2004-02-01.ppt ®. “Why Our Float Magnetic Field
  • Ten Easy Things to Do with Magnetic Sensors
    interrupter, works in a manner similar to that of an optointerrupter. The difference is that the vane in an optointerrupter interrupts the passage of light from an LED to a photodiode, and the vane in a magnetic vane interrupter interrupts the flow of a magnetic field from the magnet to the sensor
  • The Science of Selecting a Liquid Level Float Switch
    pool. Switch operation can also be affected by a vessel's composition or components. Since a float switch consists of a magnet-containing float and the float's travel in the fluid magnetically actuates the reed switch, a vessel containing or made from magnetic materials can influence the switch's
  • How Reed Switches are used with a Permanent Magnet (.pdf)
    . ./34fd1c91-623a-4e54-abc7-55a355e3bf5d REED SWITCH CHARACTERISTICS. MEDER electronic. How Reed Switches are used. with a Permanent Magnet. Using Reed Switches in a sensing environment, one one must be aware of when using a magnet. Please keep. generally uses a magnet for actuation. It is important in mind the magnetic field
  • How to Choose Float Switch Devices for Level Measurement
    Company offers a choice of several types of devices based on electronic and magnetic principles. This Tech Note is intended to assist the user in selecting the correct float switch for the application and to provide general information relative to fluids and material compatibility. Instructions supplied
  • Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Topologies (Part I)
    MOSFET is not switched off immediately. magnetic core, but less ripple current ( <10% of full load. after the inductor reaches zero. current) is seen by the output capacitor; therefore, the. loss in the inductor increases. Also, less ripple current. MULTIPHASE SYNCHRONOUS BUCK. makes current mode

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