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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MP62TA00 Radwell Red Lion Controls Sensors & Switches, Proximity Switch MAGNETIC PICK-UP 5/8INCH THREAD
78073692165-1 Carlton-Bates Company RED LION CONTROLS Magnetic Sensors LMP Logic Magnetic Pickup Sensor Ferrous Metal Sensing 10 kHz
78073698945-1 Carlton-Bates Company RED LION CONTROLS Magnetic Sensors Magnetic Pickup Speed Sensor Ferrous Metal Sensing
78454934807-1 Carlton-Bates Company HONEYWELL Magnetic Sensors Magnetic Pickup Speed Sensor Ferrous Metal Sensing 15 kHz

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  • Magnetic Sensing
    Magnetic sensors detect moving ferrous metal. The simplest magnetic sensor consists of a wire coiled around a permanent magnet. A ferrous object approaching the sensor changes magnetic flux through the coil, generating a voltage at the coil terminals. Magnetic pickups sense linear or rotary motion
  • Magnetic Sensors and Timing Applications
    the mechanical system it is trying to control. The objective of a sensing system used in timing applications is to provide an electrical signal that accurately corresponds to the physical object being monitored. Magnetic sensors such as Hall effect and magnetic pickups are candidates for this job. Each
  • Measuring Length and Rate Using Quadrature for an Oil Drilling Operation
    vibration and bidirectional movement preclude use of conventional magnetic pickups and pulse totalizers.
  • Toward the Instant-On Actuator
    gap versus position, a Simplorer CAD model accounted for all four of the delays and computed a 101-msec time to close a 10-mm air gap, agreeing with the measured time. A typical magnetic sensor includes a permanent magnet with north and south poles and a solid-steel pole onto which a pickup coil
  • Putting together a high-tech garage band
    wrapped around a magnet. They can be described by an inductor (the coil) and its magnetic losses, some parasitic capacitance, and the dc resistance of the wire. So the coil can be represented as a four-element circuit: two resistors, a capacitor, and

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