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AS5304A-ATST Digi-Key ams Sensors, Transducers IC ENCODER LIN SGL CHIP 20-TSSOP

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  • Neodymium-Iron-Boron Magnets:Flexibility in Sensor Design
    . Ferrite is the magnet material most frequently chosen for sensor applications, simply because the raw material is by far the least expensive. Indeed, there are few magnetic sensors where cost is not an issue, but raw material prices are quite often not significantly reflected to the bottom line
  • Applying Sensors and Cordsets in Welding Environments (.pdf)
    sensors designed for welding environments incorporate technology that makes the sensors resistant to the. strong electromagnetic fi eld. Factor 1 sensors that use separate, independent sender and receiver coils on a PCB and. remove the ferrite core are inherently immune to the magnetic fi eld interference
  • Sensor Technologies to Detect Pneumatic Cylinder Position - White Paper
    the stigma left by their predecessors. With the vast improvements in sensor technology, AMR and GMR sensors should now be considered the primary solution for detecting cylinder position. In the whitepaper you will find out more about: *Position Sensing Techniques. *Magnetic Sensor Types. ?Reed
  • Magnetostrictive Level Sensors by David Nyce and Adrian Totten
    of the mag-. netic field1. When the magnetic field is applied, the poles of the magnetic domains align themselves along the. gradient of the flux lines of this field. Figure 3: Alignment of magnetic domains to the applied magnetic field H. 2. Magnetostrictive Level Sensors. The waveguide is so-named
  • How New Angular Positioning Sensor Technology
    a encountered in single in sensors with a single Hall. novel cross-shaped structure. directly affixed to the silicon chip. element that simply measure magnetic field. This enables the sensor to measure strength. Reliable linkage of an angle sensor to a. the magnetic field in the X and Y. rotating element
  • How to Select the Right Positioning Sensor Solution
    for positioning applications. However, newer. tion sensing that is no longer constrained by application options, like sensors utilizing resistance inductance. environment, the presence of magnetic fields or space capacitance (RLC) provide a solution that precisely. limitations. In order to select
  • Medical Device Link . Digital Sensors to Launch Revolution in Medical Imaging New digital technology promises to improve image quality and give health-care providers faster access to images.
    medical imaging as a whole to greater heights of image quality. The elevation of x-ray-based equipment to such new heights would be a welcome change, after it has been overlooked for so long in the shadows of radiology. Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography have dominated sales for much
  • Medical Device Link .
    In biomedical applications, magnetic sensors monitor the fields generated by the heart or brain. As the heart pumps blood, electrical signals that produce magnetic fields run into the organ to ensure proper heart function. When a sensor is placed near the heart, it monitors those magnetic fields

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