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  • Sponge wrings cost from MR-fluid devices
    fluid for operation, and has no seals or bearings. Magnetic flux generated by a coil or permanent magnet align metal particles in the MR fluid parallel to the field and normal to the direction of motion. The action develops yield strength allowing the fluid to resist shear. Magnetorheological (MR
  • Medical Device Link .
    . The Quickie XTR also exhibits a quantifiable reduction in vertical impact forces that cause discomfort for the spine and buttocks. As a result, users experience less fatigue and can stay comfortably seated throughout the day. AIRIS II: IMPROVING PATIENT COMFORT DURING MRI Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Smaller, Lower-Cost Magnetorestrictive Position Sensors Open Up Consumer and Professional Products Applications
    Work. Magnetostriction is a term that describes the tendency of some materials to change shape, constrict or expand. in the presence of a magnetic field. Normally, a material’s magnetic domains are randomly oriented. If a mag-. netic field is applied, those domains will align, causing a change
  • Spot Mark Reader (SMR-106) MACOME CORPORATION. Mounting. SMR-106 should be mounted on non-magnetic material such as stainless steel,. aluminum, brass. Even non-magnetic stainless steel may have characteristic of. magnetism when it is bent or shaving processed. In case of mounting
  • Medical Device Link .
    and profile- shaped guides; and air, hydrostatic, and magnetic bearings. Important attributes are dynamic and static friction, rigidity, straightness, flatness, smoothness, load capacity, and amount of mounting surface preparation for installation. Machine Structure. Machine structure directly affects
  • Mechanical Motion Keeps Pace
    measurement in analog mV output with no translating wires. Nook Industries. 800/321-7800. Smooth Sliding. Series FGXS twin bore, precision table slides have a rail bearing system for smooth operation. Magnetic pistons and sensor mounting slots are standard. Optional sensors feature
  • Coffee Supplier Has a Taste for a High-Output blender
    a rotary dryer. The dry powder is then sieved to eliminate oversize particles, it is passed through a magnetic separator to rid it from nonmagnetic particles and finally passed through a continuous annealing furnace, in which it is treated at about 1,000 oC with hydrogen. This treatment removes most