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Slocum 2002
Slack, H.A., V.M. Lynch, and L. Langan, The Geomagnetic Gradiometer, Geophysics, 32, 877-892, 1967.

Welcome - Bartington Instruments - High precision magnetic...
Mag-03RC Marine Range Magnetometer Mag648/649 Low Power Sensors Grad-01-1000L Gradiometer Sensor Grad601 Single Axis Gradiometer System
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Some of the leading technology-movers are the magnetometer and gradiometer - both ground and airborne - which continue to evolve through persistent,

High-Tc superconducting gradiometer with a long baseline...
The gradiometer evolved from a design by Zimmerman1 for a wire-wound, axial gradiometer coupled to a fractional-turn SQUID machined from niobium; a

Mineral Resources On-Line Spatial Data: magnetometer...
Magnetometer measurement Use of specialized instruments designed to measure the earth's magnetic field at a given location.

USGS Open-File Report 2004-1096

ESA Science & Technology: Model Payload
sensor, GPR, advanced aerosol analyser, IR spectrometer, laser altimeter, Gradiometer, Nephelometer, radio science, accelerometer, auroral & airglow

Comparison of Magnetocardiograms Measured Using Different...
The magnetometer type is a 61-channel magnetometer system measuring vertical component of MCG fields.

High-<tex>$T_c$</tex>Electronic Planar Gradiometer...
High-<tex>$T_c$</tex>Electronic Planar Gradiometer Constructed From Magnetometers on a Chip

Speake Sensors Products
Price List for FGM-3 Sensors + SCL00X I.C. chips, PCBS & Component Kits for Magnetometer and Gradiometer projects.

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